Bing adds Quora results in search sidebar

Microsoft keeps making new changes and additions to its Bing search service. In the space of just a few months, it has revamped its homepage, added Facebook support to its search results, created a new look for its image searches tool and most recently added support for Foursquare results. Today, Microsoft had added yet another new feature to Bing.

In a post on the official Bing blog, Microsoft announced that its search sidebar will now offer answers to questions based on contributions from the Quora knowledge sharing service. Quora, founded by two former team members from Facebook, first launched to the public in 2010. Microsoft said:

Now with Quora contributors on Bing, you'll see top answers and posts on a variety of topics -- from Movies to Politics. Starting today, users in the U.S. will begin to see top Quora contributors in the Bing sidebar. You can hover over their name to learn more, and click to go directly to the answers they have shared, bringing the wealth of shared knowledge on Quora to Bing users.

There's no word on when the new Quora support will be put into Bing's search results in other countries.

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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Bing/MSN never EVER has been useful to me.
I want to see the internet as it is not as someone wants me to see it.
For example.. PIRACY
Don't be hiding web sites on me lol
Hence the swicth to Google looooong ago back when Dog Pile etc was fashionable etc
And google was a white page with a form control and 1 button.

2012 its all about providing whats best for me according to co's marketing dept's.
And an endless stream of feature upgrades avoiding the obvious (good search results)

What if i was doing a school paper for university and i wanted research Piracy
and google was screwing with TONS of sites ? (hiding them)
And i doubt Bing / MSN has EVER been any different.. Go over to The Pirate Bay
and read the cease and desist letters received from Microsoft lol
So as a search provider there is an issue for me.

Story = Symptom of the current trend, overloaded bloat machine in full gear !
Yet strangely all the big names are aiming for simplicity for serving up Grandma
and Grandpa with dumbed down Browsers / Operating systems and software.
Adobe, Microsoft, Norton (Bloat Pioneers) and Kasperky, uTorrent etc..

Sadly people that think like me are being told were are completely irrelevant.
And as long as Facebook chicks and old ladies are happy the over clockers and tweakers get a middle finger.
Just looking at what services exist in Win 7 and the descriptions make me wonder
what would it be like if they had a performance mandate ?
Not a philosphy of "Well we'll just add one more service or task.."

The future looks bleak. I have been saying for years i don't want to have to buy a more powerful machine so my new operating system can do almost the same exact thing as the previous one but with higher requirements.

Bing sucks. Google Sucks, Windows Sucks, Microsoft sucks
And nothing is gonna change, aside from finding alternatives.