Bing releases Bing Map app SDK

Earlier this week, Bing released the SDK for developers to create applications using Bing Maps, instead of Google Maps.  The SDK is available immediately on Microsoft Connect (using your Live ID to login) and will provide you with the Bing Map App template to begin designing.

With the release of Bing Map App SDK, the team has also released two new applications developed by external companies.

The Weather Map App from WeatherBug - lets you view local and international weather in three different layers, doppler images, worldwide satellite, and WeatherBug stations.  The application gives you current temperature, heat map index, daily high and low, wind speed & direction and time of the last update.


The EveryScape Eats for Bing from EveryScape - Take a look inside restaurants in the Boston, MA area.  The panoramic photos gives you a complete view of what to expect from inside the restaurant.  Included with the application is the ability to look from outside the restaurant and bring up Tweets about the restaurant, to hear what people are saying about it.


To activate these Bing Map applications, visit this page and select “Map Apps” and choose from the gallery.

Developers should take note that the SDK is only available on Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4.  Developers can test their program right on Bing's website, using the Bing Map App Test Tool.

Developers who think they have a killer app can also apply for “King of Bing Maps,” a contest for the best Bing Map App.  Check out the website for more details.

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alan said,
i am not keen on bing maps ifind it slow and laggy compared to google!

You surely can't be using the Silverlight version at Smooth as butter

I like Bing Maps a lot more the google maps,at the very least hopefully google will step up it's game to keep it's embedded usage up...

AgentGray said,
I like Bing Maps a lot more the google maps,at the very least hopefully google will step up it's game to keep it's embedded usage up...

Google maps level of detail is far better than bing maps out side of USA.

In province of quebec a lot of lakes and small roads are missing from bing maps. The level of detail of Google maps is impressive as even the artificial lake owned by my father is there and this is a really small lake. Unofficial roads close to the lake are on the map too.

Same location. Lévis, Province of Québec. The map provided by Google Map is far better. Lot of roads, lakes and river are missing from the bing version.

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