BioShock Infinite gets trailer; GameStop pre-order puzzle game

It's been a long while since there has been any new footage from the long awaited FPS sequel BioShock Infinite. That changed today as developer Irrational Games and publisher 2K Games released a new gameplay trailer for BioShock Infinite.

The trailer, posted on the Machinima YouTube channel, showed how the game will feature your character as he encounters lots of enemies, both large and small, in the floating city of Columbia. It also shows how one of the game's characters, Elizabeth, will be able to help your player character in the game.

While the trailer was welcome news, there's also word today that people who pre-order the game via GameStop will be able to get a nice free extra. It's a Flash-based puzzle game called Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution. A post on the NeoGAF website has images of the pre-order flyer, which describe the puzzle game.

The game has you playing as a factory worker in Columbia, as you solve puzzles to support one of the two factions in the city. There will be over 50 puzzles in the game and it will also unlock some in-game items in BioShock Infinite when the game is released on February 26, 2013.

Source: Machinima YouTube channel

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This trailer gets my hope back up!

I remember playing the 1st: The concept of an underwater utopia gone wrong, I was AMAZED. Big Daddy, the plot, the weapons, the ads, I loved them all!

Bioshock 2 came, and it was OK. It wasn't as good as the first one, but gameplay improvements were very welcomed.

I hope that this one hits on the spot again, and presents us an intriguing world, with vast places to explore and new power ups.

este said,
I'm not quite sure about the premise of this game; it's a prequel to the first 2 games?

I believe technically it's in the same universe, but it's not a direct relatable prequel with any lead-in to the originals. ie, you might see easter eggs, but you won't see a young Andrew Ryan.

I think they aren't really related other than sharing the base name and that you will have abilities. At least that's what I gathered from hearing when this was first having details coming out.

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