Bitcasa launches Windows 8/RT app for its "infinite storage" service

In September 2011, a company called Bitcasa revealed its presence. It claimed that their service would offer people a way to store an unlimited amount of data via their cloud servers for just $10 a month. It launched its free public beta in June with a PC desktop app and in August Bitcasa also launched a Google Chrome browser extension.

Today, Bitcasa announced the launch of its first mobile apps, supporting Android and Windows 8/RT. The Windows 8 app is now available for download in the Windows Store. Bitcasa claims that users will be able to access any file they upload from their Bitcasa Infinite Drive. The press release states:

Instant streaming from the Bitcasa Infinite Drive allows users to stream their personal jukebox of music, videos, and photos to mobile and desktop devices without having to sync or store files locally on each of your devices.

The service automatically puts data that a user uploads into one of four file categories: Music, Photos, Videos, and Documents. Bitcasa also says that the files have client-side encryption which means that only the specific user knows what files are available in their account.

Bitcasa plans to launch Mac and iOS apps sometime in January. While the service is free to use right now, the company plans to start charging $10 a month sometime in February.

Source: Bitcasa press release

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not to insinuate anything but this sounds too good to be true. sounds like they'll lure you in with a very good price, then crank it to 11 when enough people have all their data and media in their cloud.

i will watch the service, however. i hope i'm wrong because it's quite interesting.

I'd be leery of any flat rate storage that offers anything "unlimited"..

For $10/month you can actually get quite a bit of S3 / Azure / Google / Skydrive storage

Actual data storage isn't that expensive though, its the bandwidth that costs the most. I wouldn't scoff at the unlimited storage part, I'd be much more concerned that it will be slow. really slow.