Bitdefender Parental Control Beta

Bitdefender Parental Control is a standalone tool which allows you to track and take charge of what your kids are doing online. You can set up the program to filter inappropriate web content, for instance. Internet access can be restricted to the times you define. You're able to block instant messages by anyone other than an allowed list of contacts or you can prevent them using particular applications. To get all this to work you'll have to set up a Bitdefender account, if you don't have one already. It's free, though, and you can do this from within Bitdefender Parental Control itself.

Another point you might notice during installation is that you're asked if you want to install the Free or Premium version. This is a beta, so you can leave the Premium version selected: you won't be asked for any payment. And if you're using a Bitdefender product already, please note that the company say Parental Control only works with Bitdefender Antivirus 2012, and that you should uninstall other products before installing the Parental Control Agent. See the Bitdefender website for more on that and other beta issues.

Download: Parental Control Beta | 64-bit | 90 MB (Freeware)
View: Bitdefender Website | News Source

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Terracotta said,

I think something like this will be included with windows 8. I think it's really just stupid. Kids will be kids and it slows you computer down like hell.,2817,2404478,00.asp

I've been using Family Safety with the Windows Live suite and while it works good and doesn't take up resources, it doesn't block everything. Other products I have used work great too with little strain on resources. My goal is to not have my kids repeat what I did as a kid with the big difference being that there wasn't Internet back when I was playing with my family's C-64.