BitTorrent monetizes platform by launching the BitTorrent Bundle format

BitTorrent is probably the world's favorite file-sharing platform and for those of you using it for legitimate purposes the platform just got better. BitTorrent has developed a new format called BitTorrent Bundle that allows content owners to charge money for some of the data in the file.

Until now torrent files were limited to just delivering data while payments or interactions with said data always had to happen indirectly via a website. But with BitTorrent Bundle part of the data may be free while other parts may be purchasable all within the same file.

Here's an example to better illustrate this point: let's say you're an independent film creator and you want to publish your new movie via BitTorrent but you don't want to give it away completely free. You can easily set things up so the movie is delivered for free to anyone, but passionate folks can purchase additional behind the scenes material directly from inside the torrent file. You can also set things so that users only need to add an e-mail address or maybe spread the word about your movie via social networks and then they can also download the additional material.

In fact this is exactly what BitTorrent is doing right now with the first collection that uses this new technology: Kaskade's Freaks of Nature tour. You can download half of the content for free while the other half becomes available when you add your e-mail address.

The new Bundle format only works with the BitTorrent and uTorrent clients right now and it's still in its alpha stage but you can be sure this type of file will start appearing everywhere in the near future.

Source: BitTorrent Blog | Image via BitTorrent

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Utorrent 3 doesn't work properly for private trackers. Use 2.0.4 as someone says, it's the best one and Transmission is useless on all OS.

I get that torrenting has very real legit purposes and potential for distribution... and I like that... more distribution should use it...

But has anyone learned anything from Napster? If people are going to pirate it and you move to a pay system... twenty other pieces of software will pop up and replace it and any "exclusive" content will be leaked in under an hour.

Only slightly relevant to monetization but I heard you can turn ads off in uTorrent, how do you do it? Is there a flag that needs changing in the advanced settings?

Yeah you can bro! Off the top of my head search "offers" in advanced settings and chage offers.left_rail_offer_enabled (for the sidebar ad) and offers.sponsor_torrent_offer_enabled both to false!

I'd recommend installing version 2.0.4 of utorrent, it's the last clean version before they started adding all the useless stuff that slowed it down and made it slightly more annoying to use.

DAOWAce said,
Been using UT 2.0.4 for years now. Would love new features/fixes, but I am not putting up with that adware/bloat crap.

Only takes a few seconds to disable the ads, and 1MB is hardly bloated.