BlackBerry met with Facebook over possible bid for the company

Earlier this month, BlackBerry wrote an open letter to its customers in which it told them that they could continue to count on the company, despite its well-documented struggles in recent weeks, months and years. But BlackBerry is not out of the woods yet, whatever its brave face may lead you to believe. 

In September, the company announced that it had accepted a $4.7bn deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings, but it has not yet been finalised. Some have suggested that Fairfax may be struggling to raise capital from other investors.

It seems that BlackBerry isn't keen to sit around waiting for the possible failure of that deal. The Wall Street Journal reports that BlackBerry executives met last week with representatives from Facebook, to discuss a possible bid to acquire the Canadian company. 

Such a move would represent a curious fit between the two companies. BlackBerry's strengths have traditionally been in business and enterprise services, whereas Facebook has shown little interest in that area, focusing instead on consumers and advertising revenues. Facebook has often been rumoured to be considering a move into creating its own smartphone hardware, but BlackBerry's latest generation of devices have been poorly received, with sales far below expectations. 

Despite discussions between the two companies, it remains unclear whether or not Facebook actually plans to place a bid for BlackBerry, but the deadline if it wishes to do so is next Monday, November 4. Two of BlackBerry's co-founders, including its former co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, have also expressed an interest in purchasing the company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (paywall)

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Webos had a Facebook app. Not wise to purchase dying platforms with the hope to revive them. Blackberry is old school and I doubt that will change.

Deihmos said,
They need to look at palm sale to HP. 2 billion down the drainage.

Big difference.. Hardware company vs software company.. Problem with Palm was it did not have any great apps.. Facebook owns the most used apps next to Google..

yep, that's what corporate users want, facebook in control of Blackberry.... all your corporate data belongs to us now!... for what corporate people that still use BB...

Security and privacy are hallmarks of RIM/Blackberry and BBOS. I'd stop using my phone if it was run by Facebook.

Just when you think things very not good for Blackberry, if Facebook will take over, they will drive company to the ground. Example: look at previous Facebook phones

<insert string of profanity>
I've been a BB fan for a long time, but this would seriously put me off. These two companies couldn't be any more different. Just no.

I agree. I mean, the reason BB was (is?) the giant of the corporate world was the security and seamless integration with Exchange. If they could do what they've done with BB10 (make a fast, stable, modern OS) plus the way it used to work with Exchange and AD, it'd be a masterpiece.

majortom1981 said,
Microsoft would be the perfect match for blackberry. They would just add any features into exchange/office 365 .

it would of been a good purchase until Microsoft put billions into windows phone.. it would be a terrible purchase now.. they already are buying nokia..

if anything bb should have been bought by samsung or apple and make an enterprise version of android/ios

given how fb messenger has overlapping features with bbm i don't see how they would benefit from being the the bb OS and device business

Co_Co said,
if anything bb should have been bought by samsung or apple and make an enterprise version of android/ios
I can't see that clearing regulatory approval given how much market share is already controlled by those two.

Whatever the fate for Blackberry is, it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

However, I'm not too sure that Facebook would be a good fit, If Facebook Home is any indication, they'd be better off staying away from trying to make their own Smartphone OS or acquire BB.

Very Interesting to see how it plays out.. I don't think FB would be a good fit.. but who knows.. FB has a TON of money.. They would have a shot of making something different from it.