Blizzard's Rob Pardo: Windows 8 is "not awesome" for the company

The Internet pretty much blew up when quotes from Valve's Gabe Newell got revealed to the public regarding Windows 8. Newell, speaking at a game conference in Seattle, slammed Microsoft's Windows 8, calling it "a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space."

It looks like another powerful person in the PC gaming space is also not a fan of Windows 8. Rob Pardo, the Executive Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment, used his Twitter page to state:

nice interview with Gabe Newell - "I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space* - not awesome for Blizzard either

Pardo was the lead game designer for Blizzard's World of Warcraft when it launched in 2004 and that game went on to grab over 10 million monthly subscribers; Rob is now the executive vice-president of game design for all of Blizzard's games.

Again, it's not clear as to why Newell and Pardo think that Windows 8 will be such a disaster. Newell did hint that his views about Windows 8 were part of the reason why the company has been trying to port their Steam PC game download service to the Linux platform.

Source: Rob Pardo's Twitter page

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Tartan said,
You know this is what I hate about leaving comments, and makes me less inclined to do so.....ppl who criticize others for their opinions. We're all entitled to them. Some feel they are wrong and others right. It doesn't give you the right to criticize them for it.

Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean that it is correct, criticism of an opinion in a constructive manner can help evolve those opinions, and educate the person who has it. I will agree that short comments that amount to nothing more than "LOL U DUM" do nothing to further discourse, but that is the price we must pay to get any discourse at all.
Ultimately though, a criticism of an opinion is simply an opinion of an opinion, and as we are all entitled to one, you will see them. Do your part, whenever you feel like correcting someone's misconception, or have a difference of opinion from them, do your best to explain why you think your position has merit, don't belittle or attack the person whose opinion differs from yours, but focus on what in their argument (and such) you feel is off the mark

Tartan said,
You know this is what I hate about leaving comments, and makes me less inclined to do so.....ppl who criticize others for their opinions. We're all entitled to them. Some feel they are wrong and others right. It doesn't give you the right to criticize them for it.

Sorry tartan, you are of course welcome to your opinion, just as everybody is free to disagree with those opinions. But alot of what you wrote above was not opinion, it was blatantly false statement.

funny i just replied to the comment above yours mentioning that
before i read your comment lol

the experts around here are masters at knowing what you should do and think..
just like Microsoft

Before Blizzard criticizes, they need to look at what they are doing first. They aren't doing an awesome job in keeping Diablo 3 interesting or wanting to play. And it's not like Windows 8 will make Diablo 3 more repetitive and boring then it is now. Don't get me wrong i liked the game but the lag issues a month + after launch and the changes they did hurt honest players more then anyone.

people are not understanding the reason for these comments. these companies are butt hurt because they know microsoft is phasing away the desktop,and the windows store is where all the software will be coming from. these guys are going to have to shell out %20 to microsoft. But what these greedy guys dont acknowledge is that the window store is bringing them more eyes and a larger audience. they feel like they are entitled to whatever they want. their free reign on the desktop is coming to an end, because microsoft has finally woken up and grown some balls to tell these companies and oems to take a hike,and if you dont like it, **** off.

Honestly, I think they are being a little over-dramatic. In the same way that people saying that Mountain Lion's new "GateKeeper" is one step closer to the Mac being completely locked into the app store.

It hasn't happened yet. Just because both Apple and Microsoft are *getting with the times* and bringing online software sales to their platforms does not necessarily mean they are going to prevent others from competing.

Instead of B&Ming about Windows 8, Blizzard and Valve should be investing in the Linux platform or some independent platform. If games came to Linux in a BIG WAY, it would really help transform that platform into some real competition in the desktop space.

Microsoft are really masterminds at creating things people do not want. Win8 is heavily criticized and it's not even released yet. For me... it's a good thing. The more companies and bosses that speak against it the more it seems my Win7 plan might work - stay with it until Win9

Actually, it's not rocket science... Windows 8 just plain sucks for the majority of people. It's not about bias (boo hoo, XBOX Live competition) or something, Windows 8 is just another Vista.

I like how Microsoft wants to add a bunch of things into Win8 such as better graphical handling, better use for multiple monitors but all this can be shoved into Win7. I would prefer not to go to Windows 8 mainly cause I just don't need it and I really feel there is no reason, nothing holding Microsoft back from putting most if not all of the extra's coming with Win8 into Win7 in a service pack.

I don't see there being any apocalyptic issues for at least 2 or 3 more years. I've been told that PC manufacturers are going to be allowed to market PCs with Win7 on it until sometime into the fall of 2014, and people with volume licensing even beyond that (2016, but memory foggy).

If Win8 doesn't prove popular (which I think will ultimately happen), options for buy Win7 PCs will be readily available for some time to come in store like Best Buy/etc. In this case, things will most likely change in favor of Steam, Activision/Blizzard, and others who may choose to comment in the future.

If Win8 does prove to be popular as well as the Store, then companies like Steam and Blizzard have a few years to change, adapt, get Linux going, or some other option. During this time, PC Gamers will have readily available options to continue buying Win7 rigs in Best Buy/etc if they so choose.

Not great for them because of the app store (games) and XBox live built in (games). So people will have more access to games that, guess what, aren't Blizzard. Not great for them indeed. I could care less. I'd rather lots of small dev shops get the money than super huge mega shops like Blizz. I like Blizz games but it's reached critical mass and something will give.

I play all kinds of games from all kinds of companies (including Blizzard). I don't see what the deal is. More access to more games will somehow stop people from playing games made by Blizzard Entertainment? Please.

Here's what I don't get - nothing in Windows 8 (the non-RT version) is any threat whatever to Valve or Blizzard. Steam works just fine (as does every game on my Steam account). Blizzard's games run without issues also (including Diablo III - which I played *entirely* on Windows 8 - either the Consumer Preview or the Release Preview). So why would WinRT (or Windows RT) be a threat to Valve or Blizzard? If either company truly thinks that Windows RT (or its WinRT API, which it has in common with Windows 8) is ANY sort of threat to either Steam or BattleNet 2.0, then they need to change drug suppliers, because they are getting bad product. (Yes - I'm absolutely serious.) If any non-Windows OS is a threat to Steam or Blizzard, it would be iOS (and all those iDevices that run it), more so than even Android (for now).

Enron said,
In other news, Diablo 3 was not awesome and neither is World of Warcraft and the new battlenet.

And it just happens to fall into the same 'bin' as Windows 8, aka, definitely NOT awesome, and definitely gonna fail

scaramonga said,

And it just happens to fall into the same 'bin' as Windows 8, aka, definitely NOT awesome, and definitely gonna fail

The point I am making is rather simple - all those games work the SAME on Windows 8, or Windows 7 - or even OS X (there is an OS X Steam client, as most of us are doubtless aware). Also, guess what; there is NOT a specific Steam client for Windows 8 - it uses the same client as the last three versions of Windows (which works back to XP32). If he's worried about WinRT as an API, then he should start worrying more about iOS or Android, as both are far bigger than even Windows Phone 7.x and WinRT combined.

Northgrove said,

According to you?

According to broad reception of Diablo 3 and WoW's dwindling subscriber base.

Interesting but sadly brief

I agree with people here speculating that its because of the Market place.
What else are people suppose to think ?

I know guaranteed I will NEVER ever use any market place crap from Microsoft
and i would disable and remove it (bloat) as much as possible.

would love see all the microsoft fanboys mouthing off about banning and steam. that will really make my day. lmfao.

I don't think Blizzard or Valve needs to fret too much; anyone who's a hardcore gamer already knows about them and will continue to go to them for the games they want.

As far as the Marketplace goes, I think most games will be geared towards casual gamers anyway, with a tiny fraction being hard-core games from EA, Microsoft, and others.

Plus the only downloadable apps will be ones that conform to Metro standards from what I recall, that need to be both mouse and touch compatible. Hard-core games are probably not going to be touch-friendly for awhile and will probably be treated as a desktop application and only have a link to their site if they choose to be in the marketplace. No cuts in profit or anything.

Need more companies to come out like this, but also need them to move their Software to a different platform. Windows is old news.

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