Blue Castle Take on Dead Rising

In August 2006 Dead Rising was released on the Xbox 360, in Dead Rising you play Frank West an Journalist looking for a big story and when a zombie outbreak in a mall occurs its the chance he's been waiting for but its not until he looks deeper does he realise he's bitten off more then he can chew. It was one of the most popular games to be released that year but it also had some major controversy surrounding it.

Looking at the positives it got nearly perfect scores around the gaming community with IGN giving it 8.3/10, Gamespot giving it 8.4/10 and X-Play giving it 4/5 and the award of Best Original Game of 2006. Looking at the negatives Germany banned the game completely and wouldn't even rate it due to its graphic violence and it also suffered a lawsuit claiming it was to closely based on Dawn of the Dead movie franchise.

With all that in mind its no suprise they already planning for a sequel and according to buzz around the internet its Blue Castle who have been given the duties of making it, they a game studio based out of Vancouver and are mainly known for their baseball games. No real details have been announced yet of when it will be released and where the game will be set but one thing is known for sure if its half as popular as the first one its going to be a best seller!

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The first game was a lot of fun, but nowhere close to being perfect. I played Dead Rising before I ever saw Dawn of the Dead. Then when I finally saw it last year, I thought the game and movie were damn near identical. There were so many things that were the same, you'd have to be blind, or not remember anything from the game or movie to see the similarities. Either way, I want to know why Capcom isn't making the sequel. I've never heard of Blue Castle before, and a developer that makes sports games coming into the action/adventure genre, I don't know how well it'll turn out.

If they can fix the problems from the first game that'd be awesome though. Maybe they can use UE3 with the flocking technology. That way we can still get hundreds of zombies on screen at once, and it'll look great too! But, my concerns are this:

1.) Please don't make the game time based. I don't like having to do 15 things within 2mins of each other.
2.) Let me save anywhere.
3.) I don't want my weapons to break (katanas don't break after slicing 50 zombies and neither would be a big ass hunting knife).

Despite all of this, the game is still fun. I mean you can dress up like mega man and even get a blaster, that's awesome.

I never really gave the first game a solid go. I always meant to go back to it, but just haven't gotten round to it.

From the title, I assumed this was news about the PS3 release.

Maybe it should read: Blue Castle take on Dead Rising sequel