Both sides in high-def DVD battle hunker down for long fight

In a city built on wagering, the smart money is staying on the sidelines when it comes to the battle between two high-definition DVD formats. The first shots between Blu-ray, backed by a Sony-led consortium, and HD DVD, whose group is led by Toshiba Corp., were fired last year when the formats made their splashy debuts at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Analysts and executives thought that by this year's show, there would be a clear winner, especially after Sony in November released its Playstation 3 video game console, which comes standard with a Blu-ray disc drive. Instead, both sides have hunkered down for what could be a long fight and some are even conceding that both formats may be here to stay. ``In an optimal world you would have one format,'' Kevin Tsujihara, president of the Warner Bros. home entertainment group said this week. ``But there are many industries where multiple formats have existed and flourished.''

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TRC said,
So DaveBG, I guess by your own admission this means HD-DVD will win.

porn is a large industry and even witht he internet its got to come somewhere.

If porn chooses HD-DVD then it could be a major blow. Tbh I dont care either way I have a 32" LCD Monitor with DVI but due to HDCP there is pretty mich zero point in my getting a HD player so I shant bother until the prices come rock low or im forces to by another screen.

By then one format will be dead or it wont matter.

film or not optical media wasn't made for films so if your gonna be that blantant about go back to VHS which WAS. Optical media has so many different uses now its not JUST film so why can't they work together in different areas.

DaveBG said,
there is still hd dvd format? I thought that their last supporter left them?

Universal: No new HD DVD titles for 2007 announced

Universal did not stop support of HD DVD. Just because they did not announce releases it is not an indication of non-support. Universal didn't have a major announcement during CES 2006 either.

The HD DVD group had their announcment of CES 2007 forecasting over 300 HD DVDs to be released this year. Several of those included Universal releases. Battlestar Galactica is one example.

Universal will follow their normal thing and announce releases as they normally do.

In an optimal world we would have 1 format and many manufacturers competing to provide media and drives at the lowest price!