Broadcom Co-Founder Faces Conspiracy and Drug Charges

Broadcom Corp. co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III was indicted Thursday on fraud, conspiracy and drug charges -- including allegations he spiked the drinks of technology executives and customer representatives with ecstasy and maintained a warehouse for ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine.

The charges were contained in two indictments unsealed by federal authorities.

One details the drug accusations and the other charges Nicholas with violations related to improperly accounting for backdating stock options while he led the computer and cell phone chip maker.

View: NY Times

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You know, I can understand spiking drink with x for customer representatives, because of the effect of the drug (tho im not saying its right. its damn illegal and unethical), but why the hell would he do it for technology executives?

(Burst404 said @ #6)
Spiking drinks with ecstacy?! LMAO

Nice to see a boss who likes his workers to have fun at work.

Generally not a good idea to give people involuntary brain damage.

I always suspected something with that company.....They didnt wanna give linux their drivers...I passed though hell to get my wifi card working.

Really wierd company