Brütal Legend finally coming to the PC via Steam

Double Fine released its heavy metal rock-themed action adventure game Brütal Legend in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 via publisher Electronic Arts. The game got solid reviews from critics and it received a lot of mainstream promotional coverage thanks to actor-musician Jack Black voicing the game's lead role. However, sales of the game were not as high as expected.

Today, Double Fine announced that Brütal Legend is finally headed to the PC platform via Steam. The game is now available for pre-order right now for $14.99, a 25 percent discount from its normal price. A specific launch date for the game was not announced.

Pre-orders will also get some extras; two exclusive Team Fortress 2 in-game cosmetic items based on Brütal Legend and immediate access into the game's multiplayer beta test. Steam users can also download the game's soundtrack for $4.99 if purchased with the game or $7.99 as a separate purchase.

Finally, if you really, really want the full experience, you can now pre-order The Art of Brütal Legend, a $50 hardcover book with over 600 art pieces that covers the development of the game. The book is signed by Double Fine founder Tim Schafer, which also provides its introduction.

Source: Double Fine

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But is it still 30FPS?

I refuse to support Double Fine until they follow through with their promises to remove the 30 FPS cap on their games. We've been waiting years and they still haven't done it, yet it sits in every one of their support FAQs for their games.

Well, finally they're uncapping their engine.

About damn time, can finally play their games.

Still, I'll believe it when I see it; going to take time to port it to their other games anyway.

BeLGaRaTh said,
WTF is the crap with TF2 hats. It's getting friggin stupid now.

the new Sonic racing game has a TF2 character bludgeoned in, which is even worse.

Then there's Hero Academy with an entire TF2 army...

It's lame as hell.