BUILD 2014: 14 million daily Windows Store/Windows Phone app downloads

BUILD 2014 hasn't even started yet, but Microsoft is already setting up inside the Moscone Center in San Francisco for their big annual developer conference. Our Editor, Brad Sams, has already hit part of the event floor and is taking images of the signage and exhibits that are being put up before the opening of BUILD on Wednesday.

One piece of signage in particular caught his eye. It stated that Microsoft is seeing a combined 14 million daily app downloads from its Windows Store (Windows 8/8.1 apps) and Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone apps).

The sign also said there are now over 400,000 apps combined in both stores. We recently reported that the Windows Store had reached the 150,000 app milestone, which means that the Windows Phone Store now has over 250,000 apps for download.

Microsoft will likely give some more stats on its two Windows app store fronts during BUILD 2014. Stay tuned as Brad will be reporting on the scene in San Francisco, starting tomorrow morning when the company will hold the first of two big keynote events. He will also be going to the Nokia press conference later that day to see what new Lumia devices will be revealed.

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While the business-oriented users wait for a similar "reveal" for Windows-9. (We can only hope MS learned something with its Windows-8 UI debacle.)

I'd like to see a breakdown of those numbers. I'm guessing most of those downloads are from Windows Phone users.

Shiranui said,

14 million x 365.25 does NOT equal 5.11 Quintillion.

Indeed I mistyped a dot with a comma. And I also typed Billions...

Cosmocronos said,

Indeed I mistyped a dot with a comma. And I also typed Billions...

No you said 5110000000 billions. And that'd be 5.11 quintillion :p

Jarrichvdv said,

No you said 5110000000 billions. And that'd be 5.11 quintillion :p

Exactly: I wrote Billions instead of apps... My head was already focused on the Build... :-)

The app store IMO is even worse than google play with loads of garbage apps that simply need to disappear, I can't count how many I have downloaded and then immediately deleted because they were worthless so 14 million daily is not surprising at all as more and more people are switching to WP8.

There are a lot of great apps out there but it takes some time to weed thru the bad ones for my Lumia 1520 and surface rt.

It's worse on Google Play and even the iOS App Store, let alone the Mac AppStore. In fact, it is worse on Google Play even compared to the immediate predecessor - Android Market. And folks are complaining about app quality on the Windows (Modern UI) AppStore?

Pot, kettle.

At the end of the day for all stores it's 80-90% garbage; that won't ever change so there's little point moaning about garbage apps.

Yeah but Android and iOS don't show you the garbage apps in their Top lists.

Go into any category on WP8 and the first thing you see in there is a few 'normal' apps and a bunch of garbage.

On no other platform the garbage is so in your face as with WP8.

Fake apps, pointless ones like those "guides" where its "Minecraft blabla Guide" except you cant read Guide part and information looks like a Minecraft for WP8 for only 1,99. There's thousands of these fake paid "guides" which only show a wikipedia like website.

And if you just look at the store, the hundreds of "flappy birds", 500 temple run clones and what not...

Its all the same junk, few original games out there on WP and they're being completely overshadowed by the amounts of crap pumped into the WP store.

Its worst in the games section, normal apps is not to bad, well it is a lot less in your face, there still are plenty of garbage apps in there (a lot of fake ones too noone should ever trust).

Microsoft should be a lot stricter to their app market, but they cant because its Microsoft and people will scream like they're planning a murder.