BUILD 2014 keynote: All the news in one spot

Microsoft had a lot to talk about during its nearly three hour (yes, three hour) keynote on the first day of its BUILD 2014 developer conference in San Francisco today. While some of the news, and even some of the files, leaked to the Internet before today, the entire experience showed that the company wants to get back to listening to its customer and especially its developers.

Here's a quick rundown of all the news we posted surrounding today's keynote address:

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Lots of good stuff coming! I am mostly excited for windowed modern apps, universal Windows apps, Office touch, 9 inch devices, and Cortana. :) Many moaners will be happy about the start menu coming back in the future. But I'm sure they will find something new to complain about.

I've seen the Future... :p
Looking petty good too I must say..

Microsoft had a ton of news to talk about during its BUILD 2015 day one keynote event and we have collected all of them in one news post for our readers to enjoy.

Was it just me or did you guys get a really different vibe from Microsoft during the conference? Feels like a fresh new reboot of the company with a far more positive attitude.

All the presentations were excellent.