Captain Obvious: Skype may be included in next Xbox

With most Windows Live Messenger users moving onto Skype in about two months, it seems clear that Microsoft is striving to make Skype their central online text, audio and messaging service. Today, there's a new rumor that claims Skype will be the replacement for Xbox Live messaging for the next version of Microsoft's Xbox console.

Computer and Video Games reports that their unnamed source claims Microsoft will soon be "consolidating all their communications technology" around their Skype division. As far as Skype support for the next Xbox, the unnamed source is quoted as saying, "You might jump to the conclusion that we'll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live."

This would seem to be a no-brainer; indeed, it would be a shock if Skype was not going to be included in Microsoft's next Xbox console. There's also the fact that Microsoft has posted up a number of job listings in 2012 that indicate it is working on some kind of Skype client either for the current Xbox 360 or the upcoming next Xbox.

Add it all up and it would seem like this rumor has a lot of basis in fact; we just need Microsoft to go ahead and give an official announcement but we may have to wait a while longer before that happens.

Source: Computer and Video Games

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We have had asynchronous voice messages on Xbox Live for many years now.

Being able to leave a video message on Xbox Live would be new however.

This opens the door for not just cross game chat, but crossplatform game chat considering Skype is available for a variety of platforms.

Makes me wonder if MS will make that kind of feature part of Xbox Live Gold. If so, I can begin to see how they can make the online gaming aspect of it free.

I don't really see the big problem. MS could keep things the way they are on the Messenger part of XBOX, just change what goes threw it. Like the ability for your Live Messenger, Skype and Facebook contacts to show in the list and messaging to work. Just like how it already does on PC using Live Messenger or Skype.
Personally I think Facebook contact integration is more important and I'm not even a fan of Facebook, but that's what the majority of people use.
The only reason I even have Skype, is to have my friends and family which only use Facebook, to show in the contact list, that way I'm always in touch and I don't have to go to the Facebook site.

Misleading title. While it is obvious Skype will be part of the next Xbox, it's implementation, which was what the unnamed source was concerned about, was not. I didn't, and I bet many others also did not believe Skype would replace the entire messaging service on Xbox. If it does, Microsoft really grew some balls.

I was expecting Skype and Facebook integration on XBOX by the time the Dashboard Beta went final.
And when it didn't happen, I figured it'd just be a matter of time.
Wasn't expecting to be waiting till the next XBOX comes out.

That Capt. Obvious graphic makes me chuckle every time I see it. On topic, I'm glad they're going to include this. I just hope it doesn't require Xbox gold.