CES 2007: Forget the VGA Cable, Wired & Wireless USB Next

Quartics, based in Irvine, California, plans to link monitors to computers via wired or wireless USB connections. The company expects its partners to come out with USB monitors sometime in February 2007. According to Quartics' Mahboob Akhter, USB is the future for multi-monitor setups; theoretically speaking, more than 25 displays could be hooked up to a single laptop, which typically do not have a VGA port.

Quartics is ultimately hoping to transfer video content from a PC to a TV, wirelessly. Shown at CES 2007, a prototype of such a PC2TV device currently uses a Wi-Fi radio. The box is wired (VGA/DVI) to your TV/monitor. Then you must connect to the box as you would to any wireless network. Drivers for the device are automatically supplied when you launch your web browser. You can then mirror or extend your PC's display to your TV.

The Quartics system must compress and decompress the video content because of the limitation of a wireless connection. The quality is consequently affected – it is worse than an image from a DVD player, but still fairly decent. The Quartics chip is already implemented in Addlogix products and is planned to be embedded in some televisions by Fall 2007.

News source: PC World

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if this proves to be worthy of buying, ill buy it. it will be helpful.

but i honestly hate all the differnt types of "standards"

Oh my!

It's very funny that this should happen. I've actually been thinking about this exact thing quite recently. Wireless graphics.


And, Lol @ YADS

Can't wait for wireless USB!

No more wires to cameras, microphones, etc. other than the power lead they'll need as they were getting the power over the USB cable before,

I think I've spotted a flaw.... :-)

No more standards..!!
Does USB really have the bandwidth to handle such video signals?? I think not.

And yeah, I'm yet to find a laptop without a vga or dvi video output.

HDMI 1.3, the newest revision, "only" supports up to 1920x1080p @ 90 Hz 36-bit. (Announced in June)
However bit depth up to 48bit is supported. However for now, the monitors only use 24 bit, so it really doesn't matter.

DVI cannot support for example:
1920×1080p @ 85 Hz and 24 bit per pixel. You would require Dual DVI because of the bandwidth required.

DVI has a bandwidth of 3.7 Gbps and HDMI 1.3 has 10.2 Gbps.
So USB can by no means Ending the Tyranny of the VGA Cable, HD-material would probably look like VCD's when using USB. Let us admit it, when you have a laptop that is showing a (HD-)DVD you want to watch, it really doesn't matter if it is connected via VGA/DVI. It is not like you are using the laptop, you are watching the TV.
LCD-screens with a native resolution of 1280x1024 is pretty popular now these days, if you want to connect your laptop to your monitor, it would probably look like ****, using USB. Nope, USB isn't really good for replacing VGA - even when wireless.

single laptop, which typically do not have a VGA port
Btw. isn't laptops sold with either VGA or DVI in the US? Nearly 100% of the laptops in the stores have either DVI or VGA, unless you can find some weird model on the Internet here in Denmark. Just searched using the price database for stores and internetshops. 1789 models has at least VGA, 126 have at least DVI, there are 1992 models in that database. There are some with both VGA and DVI, so if we say roughly 100 of them are without VGA or DVI. In other words 95% of the laptops have VGA/DVI. The rest 5% may have not written the information. So the number is probably even lower.

why don't we make USB 3.0 and have every single thing run off of that huh? LOL

Who knew USB 2,0 would make such an impact on the way we operate in this world... almost every device now uses USB one way or another

Well currently when I get an SMS I loose my wireless mouse/keyboard temporarily and my speakers make that funny noise. Now my screen can flash too! hehe!

Still less annoying than the nokia ringtone