Ceton's My Media Center app for Windows 8 launches

Ceton is best known for its Windows Media Extender PC hardware and software, including its many mobile apps. Until this week, those apps have been under the Ceton Companion brand but that has now changed. The iOS, Android, Nook, Amazon and Windows Phone apps are now referred to as My Media Center.

In addition to the rebranding of its older apps, Ceton has now launched a new Windows 8 My Media Center app. It's now available in the Windows Store for $4.99 (yes, it also supports Windows RT products).  The app does require a PC to run Windows Media Center and Ceton's My Media Center Services for Windows 7 or 8 to operate. Also, the PC should have some kind of TV tuner.

While My Media Center for Windows 8 does not yet support streaming live or recorded media content, it does allow Windows 8/RT tablets or convertibles to control an HTPC so they can watch recorded TV shows, scheduled new shows to be recorded and more. The app supports many Windows 8 Modern UI features, including Live Tiles, semantic zoom for browsing though the recorded TV shows, snap view for using two Windows 8 apps at once, support for the share and search charms and more.

Source: Ceton | Image via Ceton

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I will be more interested in this once it supports streaming live/recording materials to the device with the app. As I do not have an echo, but I do have a WMC with a Ceton tuner installed.

As it may be, I already have a WMC 8 Network Setup on my Windows 8 Tablet. But if there was a app instead to do what the WMC 8 was doing, that would be much welcomed.

I'm looking forward to trying this later tonight. I have a HTPC setup with a ceton InfiniTV4 and Echo in another room. It saddens me that there's not more support for Media Center. It's hands down -THE- best HTPC solution for streaming/recording live content from a cable provider.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, Media Center is almost entirely depreciated. The team that developed it was disbanded a while ago now, and they've stopped certifying new hardware for it.

There's no chance that they're working on any new features for it.