Check out the Surface Pro 3 in Microsoft Stores from June 6

Microsoft is hoping that it can shift a few of its first-generation Surface tablets this weekend, with a Memorial Day promotion that has seen the price of the 64GB model drop to just $249. The original Surface is over a year and a half old now, but with Office Home & Student 2013 bundled, it may still appeal to some as a second device, or even one for the kids.

But if you’ve been coveting the latest and greatest addition to the Surface range – the Pro 3, which Microsoft unveiled just a few days ago – we have some news that may be of interest to you. CNET reports that demo units of the Pro 3 will be available in Microsoft Stores on June 6, a full two weeks before the first retail units are shipped out to those early adopters that have already placed an order.

As a premium tablet, the Surface Pro 3 commands a premium price tag – from $799 to as much as $1949, depending on the configuration. If you’re considering spending that kind of money on a newly launched device, it’s probably not a bad idea to see it in the flesh first.

Only the 128GB model with a Core i5 processor will be available initially, launching in the US on June 20; if you’re hoping to buy a Pro 3 with a different configuration, you’ll have to wait until late August for it to arrive, although you can pre-order any of the variants right now. 

Neowin’s Brad Sams has been putting the Surface Pro 3 through its paces over the last few days – you can check out some of his impressions, along with our other coverage on the 12-inch tablet, right here

Source: CNET | image via Microsoft

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glen8 said,
what time do you guys think I'll need to arrive to be near the front of the queue?

They won't be available for sale then. If you want one, preorder. It determines how many they get.

Sweet. The Microsoft store in Toronto is less that 30 min from my house.

I would love if they offered the Surface Pro 3 in other colors. I would love to get one in red.

Coming screenlocked or just totally powerless to a PC World or John Lewis soon, hopefully. Of course in the meantime "the real iPads are over there, Sir".