China Blocks Apple's ITunes, Amazon Over Tibet Songs

Chinese authorities appear to have blocked access to Apple's U.S. iTunes Music Store, following the release of the 20-song "Songs for Tibet - The Art of Peace" collection Wednesday. Users in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen confirmed that since as early as Wednesday morning, Beijing time, they began receiving "unknown error" messages when they tried unsuccessfully to access the store. Although Apple does not operate an iTunes Store in China, users may download free content such as podcasts, and those with U.S. credit cards may buy content from the U.S. store.

Although remains available in China, its pages for both the "Songs for Tibet" CD and download page fail to load, returning: "The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading," the most common error message received for blocked sites.

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Time to nuke the China government tbh.
What the **** is with them, controlling their citizens, taking away their freedom.

Now I see why Taiwan split from China ;)

I, myself am a half blood Taiwanese/Singaporean.
Hate it when ppl generalize every Asian as a Chinese ^^

I agree that anyone posting in a thread about China and Apple has no idea what's actually going on in Asia and is just mind-polluted by a media that wants us all to believe in black and white good vs. evil news when it comes to China/Tibet. This belief that Tibet is a bunch of innocent victims suffering under an oppressive nation of racist Chinese officials is childish and simplistic. For some reason, topics like this (and more recently, Russia) are treated like there's no possibility of a gray area whatsoever.

/and like how nobody pays attention to the fact that Tibet is dying to be a hardcore feudal totalitarian theocracy again
//china's absolute separation of church and state is icky to Tibetan officials

Apple are stuck now, Keep the Free Tibet stuff and China will continue to block, remove the Album and everyone will think Apple agree with China's policies.