China: Google is discriminating against us

A research paper investigating China's way forward in the mobile world has been unveiled, and has discovered something that has unsettled China's leadership. According to the paper, China is "too dependent on Android" for their mobile growth and development. The report goes on to criticise Google for discriminating against Chinese manufactures by delaying the sharing of vital code. Google has also used commercial agreements to "restrain the business development of mobile devices of [Chinese] companies." Google is also castigated for having a tight grip on the development of Android, as the report notes: "While the Android system is open source, the core technology and technology roadmap is strictly controlled by Google." 

Despite the criticism of Google and their practises, the report does not suggest any course of action. According to Reuters, the report could signal regulations of Android on the horizon, after it praised home-grown companies such as Baidu, Alibaba Group and Huawei Technologies. According to Duncan Clark, chairman of the technology consultancy company BDA, regulation is very common if "[China] can position the regulations as helping out domestic companies," but "Android's success has underpinned a lot of the growth in China smartphone vendors in recent years." The iPhone is available in China, however it is a premium phone and cannot be afforded by many of China's residents. 

Google has had run-ins with the Chinese government before, when they halted access to the search engine. The Chinese authorities then allowed access to Google, but only if they promised to censor some of their content. In January 2013, Google turned off their warning that users could be searching for censored content. This report could be be the start of new censorship, but this time on smartphone usage. 

Source: Reuters

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Sorry to burst all you China bashers bubble but this is absolutely true. My company works in mobile software in China. Google will not allow any Chinese companies to add anything to the "open source" (lol) Android and they deliver any new versions to Taiwanese companies months before they deliver to Chinese.

There is already a backlash in the process. There is now a version of Tizen (formerly MeeGo) that runs all the Android apps floating around China. Funny enough it runs Android apps 4 times faster than Android runs them - meaning cheaper hardware. China Mobile is throwing its weight behind this and I fully expect to see Tizen phones from Huawei and ZTE this year. Even worse, Samsung is fed up with paying $5 - $15 per handset to Microsoft for Google's patent breaches and are also working on Tizen phones. Still, I expect the first company to dump Android and switch to Tizen will be Japan's NTT DoCoMo with just about everyone (HTC?) following by 2014.

Here in China, Google won't be missed in the slightest. RIP. They are a nasty lot.

(Not saying I agree or disagree, just posting my understanding of his statement.)

He's saying Google won't be missed because of their, "failings". Disliking something and not being sad to see it go aren't mutually exclusive.

Sound like more Chinese nonsense. I have no love for Google, but don't see how it could be expected that anyone BUT Google would control Android's development. It's THEIR product.

Look who is talking, China them self are one of the biggest discriminators..

No other nation has such a huge range of Piracy.. From every single world trade products to even military hardware.. Is it just because China has so much thief, rather not really, people are not born thief or pirate, its just China as state indulges and infact practice this piracy / counterfaith copying..

It is China who blocks so many Google services and filters perhaps everything !!!!

That is what`s called censorship and that was requested by the Chinese government.
It is not the case anymore because Google Search has left China.

If they`re "discriminating" China, they have good reasons to do so and censorship is one of them. Google should be applauded by it`s efforts against censorship and dictatorial governments.

Wow, you are the masters of misunderstanding.

My comment was aimed at china, not google.

I come from a country which is as bad or even worse when it comes to lying and censorship.

"No other nation has such a huge range of Piracy.." That's very funny in any article about Google. Of course, there's no pirated materials on YouTube.