Chrome 21 released; adds Macbook Pro retina support

Heavy users of the Chrome web browser now have a new stable release to download. Google has now launched Chrome 21, just five weeks after it released the stable version of Chrome 20. This new version adds support for viewing web pages with the 2880x1800 resolution found in the recently launched new Macbook Pro laptops.

The new Chrome 21 (officially 21.0.1180.60 for the PC and 21.0.1180.57 for Mac and Linux) also has added support for the the getUserMedia API, which lets the browser access any web applications that support a webcam and microphone. In a blog post, Google gave an example of how this new feature can be used.

In Chrome Web Lab, if you're on the latest version of Chrome, the Sketchbots experiment uses getUserMedia to let you take a picture of your face, which is then converted to a line drawing and sent to a robot in the Science Museum in London. The robot then draws out your portrait in a patch of sand, which you can watch live on YouTube and visitors can watch in person at the museum. It’s just about as crazy as it sounds, and twice as cool.

The blog also says that Chrome 21 has added more support for gamepads, along with improved support for Google Cloud Print features.

Source: Google Chrome | Image via Google

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Well, just updated, and now I get no audio in flash videos, and the video stops playing at 11 seconds. Anyone else have this issue?

Well I can't run anything with Java now since the stupid browser is screaming it is out of date and blocking it, even though I have the latest version.

jasonon said,
good thing i upgraded my windows 7 laptop to a retina display last week

You mean amazing technology like:

That was 2002, and has been in available in various notebooks for the PAST 10 YEARS. Due to the HD 1080p demand, laptop manufacturers have greater demand for 720p and 1080p notebook displays, and is why they are more common.

The world is really STUPID enough to think Apple introduced the first High Resolution displays, or have the best displays. The irony is they are LATE to the game, and still can't even handle the current technologies, OS X has no understanding of 3D displays and can't even output greater than 8bpp color.

It was just a few years ago that Apple was DISMISSING resolutions greater than what their MacBooks offered. Even as far back as 2005 they directly attacked 1920x1080, 1920x1200, and 2,048x1,536 laptop displays on several occasions.

Really sick and tired of the Apple insanity and how even Neowin goes right along with it, not even knowing their own PC history. If you were paying attention at all in the last 15 years an in the PC industry, you should know better.

Any IT person that deals with engineers or any Reseller/OEM dealing with high end laptops want to smack the industry for having Apple's selective memory.

LCD screens with QXGA resolutions have been around in 12", 15", 17", 21", 23", etc sizes for 10 years, and affordable for the past 8 years. Even today, you can buy a laptop OEM 15" QXGA LCD for around $110. (And these are 'better' quality displays than Apple's Retina.)

Apple doesn't even provide the better QXGA display in their products, instead they work wit their existing partnership and are using one of the cheaper technologies.
(The iPad and MacBook screen issues customers were having should have been a clue with horrible ghosting/redraw and bleeding issues.)

There are QXGA displays from several MFRs that easily exceed the contrast, viewing angle, and color range of the Retina display.

The whole 'we want the Apple cool technology' in the PC world comments are mind boggling. We had it years ago, but people didn't want too high of resolutions, especially people that didn't understand resolution independence and thought they had to live with tiny Icons and lettering.

/rant off

All time GPU acceleration (ala Firefox and IE9) has been implemented in Chrome 21 too. Before, CPU acceleration would only run when required.

Unless you sit with your nose against the screen I'm not sure I see the point of these retina screens. Only advantage I could see is games could perhaps be run without any anti-aliasing in the future.

Props to the Chrome team for adding support though.

Fourjays said,
Unless you sit with your nose against the screen I'm not sure I see the point of these retina screens. Only advantage I could see is games could perhaps be run without any anti-aliasing in the future.

With a regular display you can see the edges of pixels, especially in fonts. Clearly that doesn't stop you reading them and you only notice it if you're particularly looking for it but anything that improves the quality of the display has to be considered a good thing.

You remind me of the people who criticised 32bit colour and stated that they couldn't see a difference between it and 16bit colour.

Xilo said,
Seems like all versions of Chrome are the same...

if you read the change log they are including enhanced gamepad support.
plugin less webcam and mic support... thats a good feature set in 6 weeks.

haters gonna hate.

I'm glad someone publishes stories like this. Otherwise I would have no idea what's changed from one version to the other...

You can see the little squares with normal displays. Of course the left image as those squares zoomed for you to notice the diferences.

Nice update Chrome, good work

ingramator said,
I could swear looking at that image I have a retina display. Goes to show...

Someone does not understand technology...

ingramator said,
I could swear looking at that image I have a retina display.

It all depends on the distance between your eyes and the display. Having the UI scaled up (with additional detail) as it is in that screenshot on the right and then moving your head away from the display, you actually DO get a 'retina' experience.