Chrome OS Beta adds drag and drop, text selection for touchscreens

Google released a new beta version of Chrome OS to beta users on Wednesday. The beta version, 30.0.1599.30, adds drag and drop and text selection support for touchscreens, as well as a variety of improvements.

The Chromebook Pixel is currently the only chromebook that has a touchscreen, but that could change as Google improves touch on Chrome OS. Google has slowly added new touchscreen features since the launch of the Pixel. Touch gestures like Pinch and zoom have been previously added, but requires the user to manually enable them. That said, this may be an indication that they are readying more touch Chromebooks, so keep your eyes peeled.

François Beaufort, who is a Chrome OS enthusiast, recently previewed drag and drop functionality in a YouTube video, posted to Google+.

Google says that this beta "contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements." Below is the full changelog from Google's Blogspot page.

  • Audio source selector in the tray menu
  • Quickoffice (Beta) editor for Word & Excel files on by default
  • Improved UI for release channel switcher - owner accounts
  • Touch enabled text selection on touch devices
  • Touch enabled drag and drop on touch devices
  • Connectivity diagnostics tool enabled on the Chrome offline page
  • Ability to share folders and files from Files app
  • Better sandboxing for Native Client

Source: Google Chrome Releases via Engadget

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So... How many of you have actually tried Chrome OS? No, thought so... I'm gonna try build it myself to have look. The installing instructions are not for the faint of heart!

Who uses this? I mean... are there any stats that how many people use chromeOS? 0.00001%? I still don't get it what they want with this thing...

errmmmm. No thanks Chrome OS sucks. even the interface you see, they want to show browser extentions as separate apps where they all lunch browser. browser is browser and OS is OS. let it go google its ok. Ms has done mistakes too

Edited by trojan_market, Sep 6 2013, 2:16pm :

an OS that failed twice, still failing and we advertise it just NOW supports drag and drop and text selection? just how much do we need to push chrome OS and poo poo windows 8 before it just becomes a matter of a pointless war on the inevitable: chrome OS is dead.

Wait, Google make a Chrome OS for touch screens? Whoa, they should bring some of that innovation to Chrome Browser for Windows, which has to be the most god awful program ever in existence when you have a touch screen.

Steve Galbincea said,
This... x1000

The main reason I switched back to using IE11 is the fact that is the smoothest browser experience BY FAR on my Dell XPS12.

wow name dropped twice in one sentence. This comment brought to you buy Microsoft AND Dell!

Northgrove said,
Really busy pushing the boundaries of computing.

comment of the year. in combination of watching the video in this post. hilarious.

Using the touchscreen as input device, I guess. I'd think you should have been able to do that before with the keyboard and mouse.

I still don't understand why Google is pursuing this as a separate OS rather than expanding the functionality of Android. Adding support for tablets did nothing to diminish the success or performance of Android on phones, so that's clearly not the issue. Google should play to its strengths and currently Chrome OS is not one of them. Given the company's propensity for cancelling services I'd be surprised if this has much of a future.

theyarecomingforyou said,
I still don't understand why Google is pursuing this as a separate OS rather than expanding the functionality of Android.

Ditto that.. Android already runs good in a tablet orientation, neither a Chromebook or an Android laptop is appealing to me personally, but if I were to get one of them, it would easily be the Android based one as there's a bajillion programs available for it already and has a strong ecosystem, already has all the features under the hood it's supposed to have and not just now adding things like the article mentions, etc. A Chromebook versus an Android solution in a similar flavor of a Surface with the keyboard or at least a generic ultarbook? Easy choice.

You see there is not only Microsoft who makes wrong decisions. chromebook is a total and utter failure no matter how much they push it forward and how much lower the price

theyarecomingforyou said,
I still don't understand why Google is pursuing this as a separate OS rather than expanding the functionality of Android.

Could not agree more.