Cisco Develops 3D Holograhpic Telephony

Cisco has developed 3D holographic telephony to create the world's first real time virtual presentation.

Cisco CEO John Chambers, who was live on the Bangalore stage, 'beamed up' Martin De Beer, the Senior Vice President of emerging Technologies, and Chuck Stucki the General Manager of TelePresence, live from San Jose, California. Chambers was then able to have a 'face to face' discussion with De Beer and Stucki on the future of Cisco TelePresence, demonstrating firsthand the potential capabilities of the system in front of the watching audience.

View: Video Demonstration

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Please don't tell me this means that the days when I can fall asleep during conference calls are coming to an end.

Hopefully any production model will be easier to use than their current office phones which, in my opinion, are pure garbage ... well at least the UI and softkeys, the hardware actually feels top notch.

Yeah, this is definitely not "3D hologram":

Musion® Eyeliner™ System is a whole new way of projecting video to create the illusion of life-size, full colour, 3D moving images. All of the images used on a Musion® Eyeliner™ System are 3-dimensional images, but projected as two-dimensional images into a 3D stage set. The mind of the audience creates the 3D illusion. This means that production costs are minimal, needing only a single camera lens for filming and a single projector for the playback. The Walt Disney Company has further pioneered the Pepper’s Ghost Techniques since the 1960’s using the effect to thrill visitors in their Disneyland Theme Parks around the world.

Still, the whole setup is neat.

(Oxuyoska said @ #5)
Sweet, now I can be 10 feet tall during meetings.

Just dont walk in covered in green paint and go "ho ho ho..."