'Civilization Revolution,' 'Dungeon Defenders' are March's free Xbox Live Gold games

As the short month of February ends, Xbox 360 owners who are also Xbox Live Gold subscribers can still download "Toy Solders: Cold War" for free for a few more hours. After that, two more free games to download and play will be available on March 1 and March 16.

The Xbox Wire website reveals that from March 1-15, the free Xbox 360 game for Xbox Live Gold members will be "Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution." The console-specific turn-based strategy game was first released in 2008 and shares many of the same aspects as the PC-based Civilization series, including its original creator Sid Meier as its main designer. The game is normally priced at $29.99 for download. 

From March 16-31, the free Xbox 360 game will be "Dungeon Defenders." First released in 2011 by developer Trendy Entertainment,  the fantasy-themed game combines elements of RPGs and town defense games. It's normally priced at $14.99. A sequel, "Dungeon Defenders 2," is in development.

Microsoft promised a few months ago that Xbox One owners with Xbox Live Gold would also be able to download free games starting later in 2014, but so far the company has yet to reveal any details on these plans.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Firaxis

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PSN+ had Dungeon Defenders something like a year ago - it's a great game but once you play all the maps on every difficulty there isn't much else to do besides repeat the same maps over and over again. I got a few solid weeks of great gaming out of it.

I rather have games I never heard of or games I never played before instead of games that I played to death before (halo 3, owned and sold) or a really big popular game I don't care for (crackdown).

I would say the (GFG) Games for Gold games are getting better lately compared to the past.

seriously a $30 digital game for free? and looks promising? Yes, much appreciated.

I actually decided to renew my gold membership just because I have been enjoying the fresh fun free games with my buds.

Edited by tytytucke, Mar 1 2014, 4:24am :

Civ revolution is a nice game on mobile devices (I've wasted countless hours on it), but I tried the 360 version and the experience was a bit bare for a console game

Ricardo Dawkins said,
Downloading as soon as I can with my Lumia 822 ...

Internet sharing, baby.

I thought its only for XB360 didn't know its for Windows Phone too.

trojan_market said,

I thought its only for XB360 didn't know its for Windows Phone too.

I think he means he's tethering his Phone to his Xbox.