Clover 2.0.136: Add tabs to Windows Explorer

Clover 2 is a free utility which, once installed, fuse together Windows Explorer and Google Chrome so that when you open up My Computer, for example, you can see the usual Windows Explorer window, but with Chrome’s window border. Clover 2 won’t just give you tabs, you will also gonna see a complete new window appearance of the replacement Chrome/Windows Explorer mix.

Clover is currently supports Windows XP and various versions of Windows 7/8 (32bit/64bit), while supporting the most common languages ​​such as English and Chinese.

What's new in this version:

  • Optimize XP interface display problems
  • Solve win7 suspended animation bug
  • Optimized code to reduce the program size

Download: Clover 2.0.136 | 2.4 MB (Freeware)
View: Clover Website

Image Credit: Tech2Fun

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Azies said,
Completely in Chinese.. no thanks.

Clover currently only supports Windows XP and above the various versions of Windows (32bit/64bit) supports both English and Chinese, and most commonly used language.

Azies said,
Completely in Chinese.. no thanks.

The program is in english however. Also, this supports all Windows OS, including Windows 8 RTM.