Commodore 64 all-in-one PC ready to ship next week

If you have been wanting an all-in-one PC that looks just like one of the true classic PC designs, you will soon get your wish. The current owners of the Commodore PC brand have announced on the company's official web site that the first Commodore 64 products with modern PC hardware are now assembled and will start shipping the pre-orders next week. The company has also released a video via YouTube (shown below) that shows off the company's offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as pictures of the Commodore 64 being assembled.

The PC uses the well known design shell of the Commodore 64, the popular 8-bit PC that first launched in 1982 and dominated PC sales during the early and mid-1980s with between 12.5 and 17 million unit sales. This new design has modern PC hardware inside including an Intel Atom processor, a Nvidia ION GPU, support for up to four GB of RAM and support for either a slot or tray loaded DVD drive on the left side of the PC. There's also a WiFi card inside for wireless net connections. The site claims that their version of the Commodore 64 can play classic Commodore 64 games with the included emulator.

The Commodore 64 is now available for sale with pricing starting at $595 and up to $895 for more advanced hardware including a Blu-Ray drive and a 1 TB hard disk drive. DIY PC makers can also purchase a Commodore 64 shell to put their own hardware inside for $295.

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Commodore OS huh? Never actually owned or used a Commodore 64.

Note: Ah just looked it up, looks like it's a Linux derivative OS they made for this PC.

I would use a C64 just for gaming of the 80's era. For today's work/games I'd rather stick to the comfort and quality of the computer I currently own. Rubbish (and expensive too)!

I don't totally get why this is being trashed as roundly as it seems to be here.

Retro? Sure, that's the whole point, and I suspect there are enough customers out there who are genuinely nostalgic enough to at least pick up a few of these things. I, for one, would like to see how good the keyboard turns out to be (the original C64's was an excellent, low-travel, soft-touch kb).

Would like to try the emulator, particularly for the Pools of Radiance games. And the C64 version of Lode Runner remains one of the most clever games I ever played.

My biggest concern is I can see having fun with this thing for about a day then I'd be bored and ****ed I spent $600 on an overpriced netbook with no display.

Seems like this story has been appearing every few months for the last five years. I'll believe it when I see it, but if it really is being released it's a really stupid idea. Hardly anyone will buy this; besides it's just a cheap Chinese all-in-one that's been available for years, rebadged with a Commodore label.

If thats a fully mechanical KB with quality switches then it may be nice to type on. But its not an all in one if it has no display

what's the point? I loved my commodore 64, it was a great machine. This is just an overly expensive atom PC in a fugly design (compared to the other machines that come out these days)

XerXis said,
what's the point? I loved my commodore 64, it was a great machine. This is just an overly expensive atom PC in a fugly design (compared to the other machines that come out these days)

Chicane-UK said,
A great idea and a bit of fun but... just a BIT expensive?!
I'd say WAY too expensive. There's no way I'd pay $300 for that case or $600 for that Atom based PC. It's just rid-donk-ulous!

There's a price for nostalgia and these guys have yet to find it.