Copy a CD, owe $1.5 million

Not content with the current (and already massive) statutory damages allowed under copyright law, the RIAA is pushing to expand the provision. The issue is compilations, which now are treated as a single work. In the RIAA's perfect world, each copied track would count as a separate act of infringement, meaning that a copying a ten-song CD even one time could end up costing a defendant $1.5 million if done willfully. Sound fair? Proportional? Necessary? Not really, but that doesn't mean it won't become law.

The change to statutory damages is contained in the PRO-IP Act that is currently up for consideration in Congress. We've reported on the bill before, noting that Google's top copyright lawyer (and the man who wrote a seven-volume treatise on the subject of copyright law), William Patry, called the bill the most "outrageously gluttonous IP bill ever introduced in the US." The industries pushing it (music, especially) have an "unslakable lust for more and more rights, longer terms of protection, draconian criminal provisions, and civil damages that bear no resemblance to the damages suffered," he said.

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They can't do this unless they change the Fair Use law (Yes, it has become a law now). And if they did do that, still, I would definitely take my case as far as I can, pref. all the way to the supreme court.

Oh my god, this is just so unreal. The story of the RIAA should be made into a film. It would win best comedy hands down.

People would respect if they accept reasonable measures. For example if a person makes a copy of the cd to listen in the car it should be accepted. But no. We have to tick people off calling that illegal. The more you irritate people with that sort of nonsense and like that is not enough you threaten insane punishment with no means to impose it... now people are just gonna roll on the floor laughing and do stuff just to challenge this crap.

hmm. ok. so i bought about 12 CDs last summer with the kind of musik i like. a few tracks here and there aren;t that great. so I have an MP3 CD player in my car... I ripped the tracks that I like from those 12 CDs and placed all of them on a single CD as an MP3 so I can listed to it in my car, randomly, without switching CDs every hour... is that illegal ?

If it is. I would like RIAA to send me a 24x CD changer for my car and a stereo system that can read that, so I do not have to change CDs while driving. Isn;t that ilelgal? working the stereo controls while driving so i can ghange CDs? then I get into an accident because i have to switch CDs?

If RIAA reads this. contact me so I can give you a non-trackable shipping address where you can mail me the changer.

Come on. so stupid. get a grip RIAA and go die somewhere quietly.

I will gladly ship you misprinted grenades to help with this. the print would say Take the pin out, throw it in the trash, release clip. wait 20 seconds then throw the grenade.

rofl. oops too late. hehehe

RIAA can go to hell for all I care.

nuff said.

I bet you're one of the goonie goo's goo's that drive around all day long with a cell phone glued to you ear?!
At least you won't get in a an accident messing with the cd player.

If you could only fill up one cd with 12 cd's you actually bought of stuff you supposedly liked, that stuff must not be that good to begin with either, so go ahead and steal it anyway.

actually no. I drive about 4 hours a day max. and as far as cellphone goes. I use a bluetooth if i need to talk on the phone. But i rarely do. I do not get lost due to my gps. and I have internet on the laptop if i need directions.

The music i bought is the type I like. and more than 98% of the tracks on those CDs are all good.

I said I filled up a MP3 CD with all the tracks that I like off of all those 12 CDs. CD has 192 tracks now that's MP3 format.

So if you copy tracks from one of your own CDs to put in your Zune or iPod you owe them $1.5 million? What kind of crack are they smoking over there?

I hope RIAA reads this ... (if it is not too hard for them) ... kiss my unshaved hairy ass and as Inxpro said above .. bring something good to the table such as going on the buss with a 24cd and try to listen to them and if put on an ipod off with your head :D:D hehehee ... what is the adress i could send some farts or something asfixiate them all

This will never pass because it is just too insane. That goes well beyond cruel and usual punishment to the point where you could counter-sue for 10 million. Seriously do they really think that the majority of the folks that listen to music or watched movies have never dubbed stuff? Who here has never copied a cd/dvd/vhs or taped a show with vhs/tivo/dvdr? Very few people havent so why even go there. If they really want to go after someone they should go after the people who sell the cd/dvd/vhs media? Oh wait thats right alot of the big companies own these places already so they would be hurting themselves in the process.

Lol, your almost better off just physically stealing the CD from the store. You might get charged with petty theft but the fine would be considerably less.

Why don't we just bring back stocks and flogging. It will be just like the 1500s again when the rich could get away with anything and the poor were prosecuted for taking the tiniest crumb of bread.

I don't even see how this helps the RIAA. There's no way they'll ever get that kind of money from their targeted defendants, and their tactics will only serve to scare more customers away. They're doing themselves more harm than good.

I think theyre charging even more outrageous amounts than before because they know theyre gonna fail soon and their plan of suing everyone is hopeless.

In my day, people worked for a living.

Now they sue successful American corporations or they sue innocent civillians who are acting within their own rights.

I thought America was a land of freedom. Ha ha ha ha ha....

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