Corel releases public beta of WordPerfect Lightning

Corel released a free public beta of WordPerfect Lightning on Tuesday, a word processor that blends a desktop-based application with online collaboration and storage features. WordPerfect Lightening has a "Notes" tool to save text and images from the Internet, in addition to a "Viewer" that can handle the portable document format (.pdf), WordPerfect, and Microsoft's Word documents. It also has a "Navigator" to organize files.

The desktop application is 20MB and is compatible with Microsoft's new Vista OS and XP, Corel said. If users are not at computer running the WordPerfect Lightning desktop application, they can use Lightning's online site to access files stored by Corel. Users get 200MB of storage space to back up data such as e-mails, contacts, bookmarks, and documents, in addition to a calendar and free e-mail. WordPerfect Lightning is one of a wave of applications integrating desktop applications with online features for greater access and easier collaboration. In March 2006, Google bought Upstartle, a company that created the online word processor Writely.

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From reading the information at their website, I didn't see anything that would make me want to download it. In fact, I largely can't figure out what they think is interesting about their product. The fact that you can organize notes into folders? If there's something interesting they don't present it. And the cheesy video tour reminds me of the video tapes that used to come with early versions of CorelDraw.