Cortana to be updated at least twice a month

Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, is on what might be the company's fastest update cycle. In a recent deep dive into the platform, Microsoft said that they will update Cortana twice a month and during special occasions, it could be updated more frequently than that.

Microsoft told Engadget that they are planing to add updates to Cortana twice a month and will even make off-cycle updates "for things that are timely, urgent or especially badass." It's almost funny to see Microsoft say that they will make off-cycle updates for something that is updated twice a month, as this would mean an update every week, which is crazy good for a company who used to move slowly in this area.

Obviously, this is fantastic news for Windows Phone users as Cortana will be improving at a blistering rate, which might be the fastest update cycle inside the walls of Microsoft. Cortana is part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update that will be rolling out soon to Lumia devices.

It goes without saying that Microsoft is deeply committed to Windows Phone and is wanting Cortana to become a cornerstone of the mobile platform and likely the entire Microsoft ecosystem in the near future. By pushing out updates at a regular and frequent cadence, it won't take much time at all for the platform to quickly mature and become the top player in the virtual assistance fight against Google Now and Siri.

Based on our initial tests with Cortana, the platform is already off to a great start for a feature that's fresh out of the gate. At this time, it's good enough to compete head-to-head with Siri and Google Now but with Microsoft's significant push towards alternative input methods for Windows devices (touch and voice) Cortana's future looks bright and will be well supported by the folks in Redmond.

Source: Engadget

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I haven't been able to get her to speak back to me much but I did ask the other day if a certain place was open yet, and she responded "no not until 9am tomorrow". More of that would be really good stuff.

They really need to push the global release before Google and Apple rip all her features. I'm in no hurry to get the 8.1 RTM if it means loosing access.

Microsoft, please get a change log of the changes done to Cortana. I would love to know them. :)

This week I noticed one new addition. I was at home, about to go to work and Cortana came up. She told me that it was time to leave home and get to my work, with estimated traffic etc. The same happened once I was about to go home. Now the funny part, I don't have my work times in my calendar... how did she know? :p

Fair play to them. I have been very impressed at their speed of development and release across all areas, especially with their monthly Xbox updates.

You know what would be awesome? Docking your WP device to your PC, activating Cortana, and she appearing as a full animated "hologram" on your phone screen, slaved to the PC.

Hmm.. do MS have a suggestions area for Cortana I can send that idea to? :p

dodgetigger said,
I will believe it when I see it.

Whys that then. They said similar things about some of their WP apps and its happening. I can't recall them saying this about a product and not delivering before?

Dashel said,
Drop her into Windows! That's our universal search.

What I was reading, if all goes well, it will be going onto Windows and XBOX

rfirth said,
Excellent news!

Agreed. I actually wondered about this when it was first revealed that Cortana would remain in Beta. Generally Betas see very active release schedules...

But it's definitely very nice to see this receive the support that it deserves, and more importantly I think is the fact that with WP8.1 Microsoft appears to have spent a lot of time working in ways to update components of the OS outside of larger updates that require carrier approval.