CS Source Beta Release Date

Big thanks goes out to Xero for spotting this first. According to Half-Life Portal Counter Strike: Source beta will start on August 10, 2004. However users of Valve's Steam service can grab it on August 5, 2004. The beta is expected to 300MB of goodness.

View: Half-Life Portal (in German)

View: Half-Life Portal (in English)

News source: Half-Life 2 Fallout Forums

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Gabe Newell emailed me back. He said yes, CS Source will begin preload on Steam August 5th and begin testing on August 10th. He also reconfirmed with a resounding "yes" they are still aiming for a Summer 04 Half-life 2 release.

And at 2:45 in the morning too, being he's sick and all!