Cursor hackers target WoW players

World of Warcraft players are being targeted by hackers exploiting flaws in how Windows handles animated cursors, a flaw which has recently been patched by Microsoft. Warcraft players seem to be one of the targets because accounts for the game are potentially worth significant sums of money. Security firms tracking how criminal hackers are exploiting the cursor flaw suspect there are many websites hosting the code (voluntarily or not) that can be used to take over vulnerable PCs. A large number of criminally-minded hacking gangs are cashing in on the flaw. Research by security firm Symantec suggests that the raw value of a WoW account is now higher than a credit card and its associated verification data. One card can be sold for up to $6 (£3) suggests Symantec, but a WoW account will be worth at least $10. Microsoft said there was a chance that attacks via the vulnerability would increase but had seen little evidence of widespread use yet.

News source: BBC News

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A WoW account can be logged into and all items/game currency can be then transfered to another account which the user can then sell off to some of those nutjobs who dont want to play the game for it. There are WoW accounts being sold on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. People out there pay hundreds of dollars for game items or in-game currency.

its probably just the cost of risk in the situation. a stolen wow account = they might take it back, a stolen credit card = CC fraud.