Dad uses web to shame kids over 'rotten' behaviour

A Wiltshire Dad has named and shamed his kids on a Web site because he's concerned they're rampaging out of control. According to reports Dave Forward did it as a last resort after his kids ran amok in Malmesbury.

The headline-grabbing story focuses on his concerns about drug-taking, joyriding, swearing and a host of other antisocial teenage activities.

He writes: "Children need to be force fed standards, they need to be made to do right. British society is going to the dogs, all around us are foul mouthed obnoxious children like my son. They are not the majority but a small minority who are destroying all that is good for others.

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News source: The reg.

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While this isn't the best way maybe I can totally appreciate where he's coming from. Generally speaking society is vile from where it was in the late seventies (that I remember) or even early 80's but when the law of the land became more of a lock up and shut-up and your neighbours door was always shut thats when IMO things started to change for the worse.

I mean even the Jubilee of 1977 with the massive street parties (I was only 5 then) but everyone seemed to care, nowadays you'll get kicked in the teeth if you suggest a (community) street party.