Darkmatter Xbox 360-Xbox One laptop closes in on Kickstarter goal

There have been a number of DIY projects from enterprising game mod creators that have assembled laptops with Xbox 360 hardware inside. However, a company called Techjango wants the opportunity to create an actual Xbox 360 laptop that anyone can buy, without having to create and assemble the product themselves.

The result is Darkmatter, which is currently listed for crowd funding help on Kickstarter. The company also said recently that it would also add support for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One if it reaches its funding goal, although that product would only be released in pre-assembled kit form.

Techjango says the display for Darkmatter is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366x768. Darkmatter will have all the ports that the Xbox 360 has, plus extras like a internal stereo amplifier, two internal speakers and a stereo headphone jack. It supports up to two wired or wireless Xbox 360 controllers, along with the Kinect add-on.

Darkmatter's case is assembled on a 3D printer with ABS plastic, with Techjango adding, "We've used high quality 3mm black acrylic for the panels, with 3D printed interconnects and miscellaneous parts." It even has an interesting approach towards its user interface. Techjango states:

We designed and built a custom capacitive touch interface board based on the Arduino processor and incorporated it into Darkmatter. We call this board the Xduino360. Since the Xbox 360 already comes with two touch controls (Power and Eject), we wanted to extend that human interface paradigm to all the other controls, for example volume controls, mute and sync. That's exactly what the Xduino360 board allows us to do. All the control icons are laser etched into the acrylic case; you simply touch them, and voila! It works!

As far as power, there's a power brick included for the Darkmatter project but at the moment there's not an actual battery, which means you still can't use it without a connection to a socket.

If funding is successful, you could buy a fully assembled Darkmatter Xbox 360 laptop for $999, with lower prices if you buy the product in kit form. As of this writing, the Darkmatter Kickstarter effort has raised about 75 percent of its goal of $25,000, with less than eight days to go.

Source: Darkmatter on Kickstarter | Image via Techjango

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Ummm.. seems awful pointless to me. Looks like a big fugly laptop but without the power of a real laptop and a hefty price too.

If you want to console game you'll get a console and hook it up to your TV, if you want to PC game, then get a PC.

Steam could really put a hurting on MS. This would require a major amount of users to jump ship for Steam, be it for linux or PC.

That's how you put those MS puppies to sleep

And it's not even 1080p. Not that many XBox 360 games actually run in 1080p, but there are a few that do, and movies, and I would imagine that most if not all games on the XBox One / PS4 will actually run in 1080p.

They'd better take a serious look at their business model if they expect to be successful at this, and make sure that

A) Microsoft will not ban these modified consoles from using the XBox Live service
B) People won't refuse to pay twice the cost of the console and a decent television of much larger size and higher resolution.

So instead of paying like... a couple hundred bucks for a 37" HDTV and an Xbox 360.. they want you to pay $999 for this... which has to be plugged in as of this date?

Sounds like a rip to me.

It doesn't even have a battery, you still need to plug in it. I don't see the point other than the slight convenience of having everything in one box, but can't you do this easier with GAEMS cases anyway?

It's also big, ugly, and nowhere near as powerful as a average Ultrabook. Even a integrated Intel HD4000 GPU is more powerful than the GPU in the 360 now. 360 controllers also work on Windows and you get a much larger library of games.

Raa said,
Have you even tried a recent Intel GPU? I think you'll find your statement isn't so accurate now.

I can deffinately confirm that, I have an older 3000 (i7 2630QM) and quite often I'll open COD 4 (good old LAN jams ) and notice it's running a little sluggish because I have the wrong GPU enabled. Same with MW3. Both games on Max graphics, the 3000 handles a bit rough, I wouldn't call it really playable but take down the AA a tad and maybe a few other things and the 3000 would be able to provide a better gaming experiance than the 360. I have no doubt that the latest Ivy and new Haswel's can far outperform a 360 now.