Dash of destruction arcade game free on XBOX Live

Microsoft just announced that this week's Xbox Live Arcade title is going to be Dash of Destruction, a bizarre racing title involving dinosaurs and a truck full of tasty snacks.

Most importantly though, the game will be given away for free to both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members. It's part of a partnership with Doritos (a name you will be very familiar with after playing the game).

News source: Xbox 360 Achievements

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Haha, this game is pretty fun. It's a real shame this game didn't have online multiplayer, as I think this would probably get quite a few more playthroughs from me. Still though, something quick and fun to play with a few friends.

Also, ridiculously easy 200 Achievement points. Great stuff

is just another way for xbox to advertise. its like that in all games its one of the ways they can get you to buy stuff and still have the player or viewer have fun. look in gta IV there are many hiden adverts. so i dk but poeple dont get me wrong i love xbox and xbox live with the exception of the new avatar crap