Daum PotPlayer 1.5.35491

PotPlayer is an extremely light-weight multimedia player for Windows. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Supports almost every available video formats out there. PotPlayer contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include WebCam/Analog/Digital TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting.

Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. A wide range of subtitles are supported and you are also able to capture audio, video, and screenshots. A comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins.

It's been described on the Internet as The KMPlayer redux, and it pretty much is. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

Download: 32-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.35491 | 14.1 MB (Freeware)
Download: 64-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.35491 | 12.4 MB
Download: +300 PotPlayer skins
View: PotPlayer Homepage

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Thanks for the replies! I can't believe I missed such an easy option. I just thought my settings would save if I did an upgrade. They need to fix that. Also, sometimes .mp4 files crash my player when I try to seek. Anyone know why that is? What .mp4 codec should I use? Is there a way to change the built in codec to something else? I don't understand it, cuz I can play 1080p .mkv files perfectly, yet sometimes certain .mp4 files lock it up. Very strange!

Agreed, they need to provide an option to keep settings on upgrade.
Oddly it resets to settings that aren't even recommended - e.g. it starts with "Do not keep aspect ratio", even though its own recommended setting is "Keep aspect ratio". Why?!
(Otherwise, it's a terrific player).

You can change it to any codec on your system. Try changing the .mp4 splitter first.

(Got to Filter Control/Filter Management and Scan. Or click the "..." to the right of the codec selection and Scan for available splitters/codecs)

Losing the settings is one thing... For me the installation also sets the default language to Chinese... Great!

bidz said,
Losing the settings is one thing... For me the installation also sets the default language to Chinese... Great!
Did you download from the link above or use the built-in update? If the latter, then it will download the Korean version.

NyaR said,
Seems like a problem on your end, considering PotPlayer is Korean.

Korean or Chinese. I wouldn't know the difference. All I know is that it looks like jibberish.

Q) Why are my settings are lost after upgrading to the stable version of PotPlayer?

A) The installer just deletes its presets called "Built-in DXVA/Self DXVA/CUDA/QuickSync Decoder" on each install! So if you change some settings of the "Built-in ...." presets and want to keep those settings on each install, go to F5 > configuration tab, click on rename button and enter a different name (then Apply & OK). To return your settings after stable version of PotPlayer installed, click to PotPlayer's icon on top left and select the related preset. Also the installer will do not touch the "Default Configuration" preset.

How do you upgrade without losing your settings? I am so tired of having to constantly re-set different options. Can I save the .ini file, or how do you do it?

Once you've got your settings the way you want them go into the Preferences menu (F5) - at the bottom you should see an "Export Settings" button. Click it and you'll be prompted to save a .reg file. The next time you install PotPlayer; just double-click on the .reg file to get your settings back.