Daum PotPlayer 1.5.36205

PotPlayer is an extremely light-weight multimedia player for Windows. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Supports almost every available video formats out there. PotPlayer contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include WebCam/Analog/Digital TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting.

Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. A wide range of subtitles are supported and you are also able to capture audio, video, and screenshots. A comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins. It's been described on the Internet as The KMPlayer redux, and it pretty much is.

Changes since v1.5.35491:

  • Added FTP playback function (Right click > Open > Open FTP)
  • Added the ability to navigate between folders within a playlist
  • Added personal broadcasting mobile transfer function
  • Improved AB repeat function
  • Improved radio style pop-up menu handling
  • Fixed an issue where duration of some TS files was calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed a problem that no sound while playing some MP4 files
  • Improved color space handling
  • Improved srt subtitle handling
  • Improved some UTF8 handling
  • Added the ability to display power status (F5 > General > OSD Messages)
  • Added the ability to display video's thumbnail previews on navigation bar
  • Fixed an issue that broadcasting logo function did not work
  • Fixed an issue that can not play damaged AVI files
  • Some fixes in NV12 color space handling
  • Thumbnail preview size has been doubled
  • Added the ability to watch live 'Daum tvPot' (An Android Apps)
  • Fixed an issue where ruby tags in certain subtitles are not displayed properly
  • Fixed chat reporting problem

Download: 32-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.36205 | 15.1 MB (Freeware)
Download: 64-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.36205 | 13.3 MB
Download: +300 PotPlayer skins
View: PotPlayer Homepage

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Thanks for the update.

BTW, is it only me or does anyone else find the screenshot used extremely funny (the player's leg on the right. umm, seems a bit disproportionated at first , Sorry I have a weird sense of humor.)

Mamoun said,
Thanks for the update.

BTW, is it only me or does anyone else find the screenshot used extremely funny (the player's leg on the right. umm, seems a bit disproportionated at first , Sorry I have a weird sense of humor.)

I *think* there's another player standing just behind Joe Montana (#16), but the angle does make it look that way. (Disproportioned.) I didn't even notice it until I read that comment, though.

Tried this to play my music files and it does not seem to support playing files within subfolders.
Have a Our Music folder setup on network drive, that's mapped to drive letter.
Within this folder are many many subfolders, and some subfolders within those.
WMP on win7 plays them somewhat good, dies after playing a lot of songs.
WMP on win8 sucks trying to play same files, after maybe 6/7 songs the service dies bring the app down.

Is there a good Media player that can handle subfolders and a bloody BIG load of song files?

Also should be able to handle videos files the same way. Like to play random list of music videos when I am working.


It even has the ability that you can even listen your music anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).
Every now and then I try other music players to see if others improved, Winamp stays king with all the build in functionality
For video Potplayer seems one of the best at the moment, VLC has more codecs build in. But Potplayer uses less resources. VLC often uses an entire core for no apparent reason where I see Potplayer almost never go over 10% and usually use just a few % CPU even on 1080p videos. And I barely run into the lack of codecs.
And the behavior of opening files can me changed in the config. I ejoy that if I click 1 show of a series and it'll select all shows of that series in the folder (my downloads folder is a mess )

But I haven't found a program yet that does both just as properly. WMP is a decent inbetween though. Most others I've found to be quite resource intensive. And often while listening to music or watching videos the system is already on under some load