Daum PotPlayer 1.6.47450

PotPlayer is an extremely light-weight multimedia player for Windows. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Supports almost every available video formats out there. PotPlayer contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include WebCam/Analog/Digital TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting.

Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. A wide range of subtitles are supported and you are also able to capture audio, video, and screenshots. A comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins. It's been described on the Internet as The KMPlayer redux, and it pretty much is.

What's new in this version:

  • Added localization support (English/Chinese/Portuguese/Polish/Russian support)
  • Added the ability to use Windows DMO/MFT decoders/encoders
  • Added NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder
  • Added AMD VCE H.264 encoder
  • Added the ability to set window aspect ratio when starting playback
  • Added support for playback of VP7 video format
  • Added the ability to extend video between two monitors on fullscreen mode
  • Added the ability to start instantly to play items of the selected playlist from Album Menu
  • Added the ability to capture screen via DXGI 1.2 desktop duplication API (in Windows 8 or newer)
  • Fixed a problem that can not read specific SMI subtitles
  • Fixed a problem with jump to previous subtitle
  • Changed default value of some Sources/Splitters
  • Added FFmpeg Source/Splitter option for all formats in Source/Splitter filter control
  • Fixed a problem where aspect ratio correction of output device did not work properly
  • Fixed a problem that can not play certain ASF files
  • Fixed memory leak problem with ASS subtitles

Download: 32-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.6.47450 | 17.9 MB (Freeware)
Download: 64-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.6.47450 | 16.5 MB
Download: +300 PotPlayer skins
View: PotPlayer Homepage

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I've used VLC for years & it's mostly been a fine video player. But I guess, I'll give this ago anyway.

Does it play Blu-ray?

I will give this a try after seeing how people recommend it. I've been using Media Player Classic Home Cinema for a long time.

The only thing that I don't like about PotPlayer is that the updates require previous versions and there isn't a portable version as far as I know.

i like PotPlayer, and frequently swap it for another player
this time i installed SMPlayer, which supports just as much formats as this one, but has two more features that i find tempting:

1. built-in youtube player - you can look up and play youtube videos at the highest quality and at the fastest buffering speed

2. it has the ability to look for subtitles from a database if your movie doesnt have subtitles, or you want them in a different language


the only issue i found is that when the windows border skin is selected, the drawer menus are still in hangul


Edited by Allwynd, May 10 2014, 7:25am :

After update, some videos have no sound.
And it crashes when I clicks the stop button.
Rolling back to old version.

Yep, it's the little things that make this the video player to beat. i never understood why VLC Player seems to be more popular than this.

VLC supported all codecs out of the box at a time when codec packs bundled with adware were rampant on the internet. It was the go-to suggestion for people who were tired of fixing video problems.