Dell: Ubuntu 7.04 Offering - Technical Details

Before we announce the availability of Ubuntu 7.04 on select Dell client systems, I'd like to give an overview of what customers can expect from our initial Ubuntu offering.

Availabile Software and Hardware

  • The default software from the Ubuntu media will be installed on the system, including kernel and applications.
  • The peripheral options offered with Ubuntu will be a subset of what is offered with other operating systems. We're offering the hardware options on each system that have the most mature and stable Linux driver support. These hardware options have been thoroughly tested by the Linux team here at Dell.
  • We configure/install open source drivers for hardware, when possible.
  • We use partial open-source or closed source ("restricted" in Ubuntu terms) drivers where there is no equivalent open-source driver. This includes Intel wireless cards and Conexant modems.
  • We will have a wiki page on our website that gives technical details of the supported systems, information on the device drivers used for system peripherals, details of our Ubuntu factory-installation, and information on the problems we found during our testing, with their fixes/workarounds.
  • We recommend Linux users buy Dell printers that have PostScript engines in them. The previous hyperlink lists those printers. You can also check in the Tech Specs tab for each printer on show if it has PostScript or not.
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Whether or not the printers have PostScript engines means less and less these days, my cheap printer doesn't support PostScript (i think), but i can still send it PostScript, the printing engine on my mac transforms it into the proper format before it reaches it (well, everything to PDF, then PDF to whatever the printer uses)

Linux is the same, anything i print is converted to PostScript, then sent to my mac which changes it into PDF and prints that, Windows is the same as well.

Man, that was a long rant for one bullet item, happy about the rest though.

Aren't Dell printers notoriously un-Linux friendly since they are simply rebranded Lexmarks? I'd like to see Dell Technical support solve THAT problem. :P

I hope that the Dell tech support team are up to handling the coming problems that they're gonna get.

They won't be ready. But then again, they never are.

Budious said,
Well of course the first suggestion for any caller will be "sudo shutdown -r now" ;)

and if all else fails, "sudo rm -rf /"