DeskScapes 2.0

DeskScapes 2.0 has been released by Stardock. No longer will animated wallpapers be only for people who invest in Windows Vista Ultimate. With DeskScapes 2.0, all users of Windows Vista can run animated wallpapers.

There are currently over 600 .dreams (animated wallpaper) available at the WinCustomize gallery, and more are added almost daily. There are a wide range of .dreams available such as subtle nature wallpapers, all the way to dramatic 3D rendered creations.

There is a free preview of DeskScapes available, and is available as part of the Object Desktop suite, or the stand-alone enhanced version for $19.95.

Link: DeskScapes 2.0
Download: DeskScapes 2.0 Preview
Screenshot: DeskScapes on Home Premium

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