DeskScapes 3.1

DeskScapes 3.1 is an application that lets users apply animated wallpapers to their Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 desktops.  DeskScapes supports playing video, dynamically generated content, and hybrid wallpapers as animated content.

This update brings a highly requested feature of multi-monitor support.  Not only can you apply different animated wallpapers to selected monitors, it can also be used to apply static wallpapers as well.  This makes DeskScapes the perfect tool to manage all types of wallpapers on multi-monitors!

Current users and Object Desktop subscribers can update via Impulse.  A free trial is also available.

Link: Stardock DeskScapes
Download: DeskScapes (free trial, full version $19.95)
Screenshot: Multi-Monitor mode

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I know this may be a repeat but I want to clarify my understanding. Deskscape uses GPU acceleration to prevent CPU's resources being used then?

Works like a dream. Pun intended. Multimonitor mode is well done, different display sizes work. My primary is a widescreen my secondary a standard, the dream is sized according to the largest height, the widescreen cropped. Eats no extra cpu cycles except when you take a HD wmv as dream. I've tested with the movie I am legend in 1080 HD, the opening scene. Smooth as silk.

Chrono951 said,
I think Windows 7 should have included Dreamscene, but thats just me. I like watching videos on my wallpaper.

W7 supports Dreamscene,all needed are the old dll files from Vista to be placed in W7 Sys32. Simple procedure just google it