DeskScapes 3.25

DeskScapes is an application that gives users the ability to animate their Windows desktop with video and dynamic animated wallpapers.  DeskScapes can also manage your animated wallpapers, including static wallpapers with support for multiple monitors.

New in this update:

  • Added updated effects
  • Added sliders to adjust effect strength (where appropriate)
  • Updated effects previews
  • Updated config window usability
  • Added support for translation via new Language tab
  • Tweak to system timer frequency on Vista/7 machines when paused due to running on battery
  • Tweak to preview display
  • New dreams installed to Shared Documents rather than User Documents
DeskScapes 3.25 (free trial, $19.95 full version)
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Same here... Monday over there soon so hopefully this will get fixed ASAP
Any Direct link to a Download for the demo ?

works smoothly on my i7 920 machine. Some of the dreams use more CPU than necessary and I just don't use them. I love the dynamic/hybrid wallpapers which hardly use any CPU.

Tanooki said,
Do you still need a supercomputer to run them?

I have never had much of an issue with performance. The exception would be certain .dreams that aren't optimized for performance. I sometimes run DeskScapes in a Win7 VM and it runs fine.