Diablo III beta hit with downtime; new dev diary video released [Update]

Diablo III beta testers got a little interruption into their obsession testing process today when the game's beta servers experienced an issue where all Battle.net users could sign on to the beta test for the upcoming action-RPG sequel. Once the issue was found, Blizzard decided to shut down the beta test. The servers have been down for several hours today and are still not yet operational.

A post on the game's official message board from a Blizzard rep didn't provide any information on what caused the server glitch, saying only that the company would provide an update on the situation around 6 pm Eastern time.

As we reported earlier, the closed beta for Diablo III will end in less than two weeks on May 1st so that Blizzard can prepare for the full launch of the game on May 15th.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has released the third in their series of developer diary videos for the game. As with the previous two videos, this one features Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson, art director Christian Lichtner and lead software engineer Jason Regier discussing their progress on the game.

The trio recorded this video in early May, just one week before the game would be given over to other Blizzard members for internal testing. It shows all of them looking like they believe the game is getting close to completion. In fact, the interview was conducted just over a year before Diablo III's release date.

Update - Blizzard is now reporting that the closed beta servers are back up and running

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goofyinthehead said,
Can you play this offline? If not then this whole manditory being online crap has got to end.

Nope. Or at least that's what I heard. Keep in mind that during the SC2 beta we assumed that SC2 couldn't be played offline either but there is a very limited offline mode in retail. Either way it doesn't matter, the game WILL have server maintenance, probably once every two weeks. Very few people would want to play Diablo offline, the fun of the game is playing online with friends.

goofyinthehead said,
Can you play this offline? If not then this whole manditory being online crap has got to end.

No you cannot. There is no offline mode. You can play online in a private game, which is the same thing without being able to edit your characters.

No, you can't play if your internet is down. But thems the breaks.

Wow, reporting down time for a closed beta This game must be good or well hyped up. I love Diablo 1 and 2 and hope to see Diablo 3 with the same kind of gameplay.

If more people would participate in the reveal event we might get more content quicker however, they do not state what the goal is in these thigns so I think it might just be timed.