Digital artist creates Instagram for Windows Phone concept

A digital artist created the above concept for what Instagram could look like on Windows Phone 8.

Despite hopes of Windows Phone users to the contrary, Instagram hasn't announced any plans to release a version of its popular photo-sharing app for Microsoft's smartphone platform. 

Chris Lindhartsen has created a concept of what Instagram could look like if it came to Microsoft's smartphone platform. Lindhartsen says the design "takes cues from the apps signature look and feel [while integrating] elements of the Windows Phone user interface that would make this app unique to the platform."

Microsoft's had problems convincing major social networks to create apps for Windows Phone. The Facebook app, for instance, was created by Microsoft and not Mark Zuckerberg's company. Twitter created its own app, although it received as mediocre ratings much like Microsoft's Facebook app. LinkedIn's app has fared better, however.

Other major social networks such as Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Path and social-network-cum-blogging-site tumblr haven't released apps for Windows Phone.

Source: deviantART via Windows Phone Daily | Image via deviantART

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If instagram, spotify, and other apps (Pandora) that are missing on WP launch on Blackberry, I have to yell and scream FOUL! That would be total BS and it would scream that these companies hate MS.

The problem with this is that BB has an Android emulator built into it, in theory making porting of apps easier. I wouldn't think Instagram would go there, but maybe we should all be open to surprise.

It's just some pictures.. Turn left at the top of the street for the real world, or press the Windows button to return to desktop and glorious sanity..

Dot Matrix said,
I've found Lomogram to be a good alternative. You know... Not that I pretend to be hipster or anything...
Hmmm I thought the point of Instagram is not just it can edit photos but it has an own network like Facebook which a lot of people upload their photos to and people can follow to see...

Dot Matrix said,
I've found Lomogram to be a good alternative. You know... Not that I pretend to be hipster or anything...

Fhotoroom is much better. It gives you more control and you can actually do some editing concerning color balance, gamma, brightness and so on.

After using it on Android for a time, and still on occasion, it really is about the network as much as the effects. The point that it's a quick process to take a shot, adjust, upload to Instagram + the social networks of your choosing. Instagram in of itself is active and is a network that Windows Phone users should be allowed into more than just the browsers of the network that exist now on the platform.