Digitimes: 8in Surface to be announced in June

Could Surface be about to get a little brother?

Microsoft currently sells two tablets, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. Both are in the 10-inch class of devices but what if you wanted a smaller tablet, say something in the 8-inch category? 

Well, if Digitimes is correct, Microsoft will announce a new 8in device in June, likely at their BUILD conference which is held at the end of the month. It has long been suspected that Microsoft would release a smaller device, and it seems that we're also likely to hear about many other 8-inch tablets running one of Microsoft's operating systems at Computex, which is held in early June.

The 8-inch Surface will use touch panels supplied by Samsung Electronics and Nvidia-developed processors, and Taiwan-based ODM Pegatron will be responsible for production, the sources said.

While Digitimes is typically off the mark when it comes to rumors, the publication did accurately predict that Microsoft would be heading into the tablet market nearly a year before the Surface was announced. In addition, we have heard previous rumors that Microsoft was working on an 8-inch device for the Surface family. Rumors also persist that the company is working on an 'Xbox Surface' tablet, with a focus on gaming and entertainment consumption.

It would seem clear that Microsoft is building an 8in Surface tablet but the big question will come down to cost. Microsoft will need to put the price close to that of the iPad Mini to remain competitive with Apple, which currently commands the lion's share of the market.

Source: Digitimes

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Anything but a Tegra 3 inside.
The Tegra 3 is missing this extra kick that makes things very smooth. If the 8 inches Surface is to be an RT device, make it a Tegra 4.

if it is Tegra 4 or a Qualcomm snapdragon S4 Pro it is gonna be a #baller. since it's smaller with a 1366x768 screen it would have a high pixel density and the Surface hardware is beast

A 7" one, running W8 Pro, would perfectly fit my four screens strategy:
A smartphone, 4.5" max, to carry around all day
A 7" Tablet as a replacement of my Filofax for " business hours"
A 12" Tablet as a portable laptop
A classic desktop with big screens at the office

probably $299,and the first surface rt will also drop probably to $299.

I can maybe see other oem 7-8" winrt tablets be in the $200 range.

they need to make a cellular version... we have people asking for this at work but when told there is no wireless cellular access they basically tell us we don't know what we are talking about every tablet has a model with cellular *rolls eyes*

I would love to pick a 7-8" Tablet running Windows 8 Pro. I think it will be perfect for me. I don't mind paying $100-200 more considering it can pretty much replace my laptop especially on the go.

Cool, but I'm still looking forward to getting the original version. If anything, I'd prefer slightly bigger than smaller... but everyone's different!

I hope it has 4G. I need a "mini" to buy for my moms b-day present. Really not wanting to get her something android based, and don't want to pay the Apple tax.

I dunno. For me personally, I need the bigger screen space. 8 inches is just too small to be of productive use in school.

I see these devices as "travel buddies", something you give the kids to keep busy with on long duration car rides.

Dot Matrix said,
I dunno. For me personally, I need the bigger screen space. 8 inches is just too small to be of productive use in school.

I see these devices as "travel buddies", something you give the kids to keep busy with on long duration car rides.

That's the whole point and the target market. MS has been behind in trends for too long, and they want to make sure that they are not left behind in the 8 in screen size trend that is hot at the moment.

hell yeah, the only problem is blue needs to come sooner than later, because at the 8" profile, we need the better Bluetooth profiles and other updates to make it worthwhile. Maybe they will "backport" those.. I dunno. I just want an 8" device or flying with GPS/Mapping and able to mount on my yoke

Cyborg_X said,

You mean cheapest.

Not really. There are plenty of tablets in that price range. But considering it's performance, resolution, and decent app selection, it's pretty hard to beat it.
Sure the Surface has decent build quality, but it's basically beaten in every usability department by competitors.