Display panel for rumoured Nokia 'phablet' pictured

Nokia may be releasing a 'phablet' hybrid device under the Lumia brand, as an alleged display panel has been photographed during manufacture. With an extremely thin bezel and a size of around 6-7 inches, this device may be a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note or Mega, if it runs Windows Phone, rather than Windows 8/RT which is suited for even larger displays.

The image shows a standard Windows Phone button configuration, and space for a front facing camera in addition to an earpiece, suggesting that this will in fact be marketed as a phone, rather than a tablet.

Chinese tech news site ICTech published the image while reporting that the device is currently in mass production. To be competitive, it is likely that Nokia's first foray into larger screen sizes will have a resolution capable of 1080p, like the recently announced new Nexus 7, and come with the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update.

Source: ICTech via PhoneArena

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Problem here is WP8 is not (yet) a tablet OS. For example the home screen doesn't even rotate to landscape. The MS master plan might be to merge WP8 and RT in the same way Android did with ICS and the merging of marketplaces under 8.1 is a sign they might, but until then I think "phablets" will be waste and simply get a bad name.

Why WP8? Windows 8.1 is for smaller tablets as well. Perhaps this tablet is slightly too small for Windows 8? Anyway I think Microsoft should merge WP8 and W:RT and have Windows 8 be the same design-wise as well. Phones are becoming larger and tablets are getting smaller. Microsoft is missing out on the sweetspot this way. Neither Wp8's nor Windows 8's interface is designed for 6'' to 8''. Hopefully they'll merge RT with Windows Phone with a UI that adapts to the screensize.

Neobond said,
7" isn't too small to run Windows RT mate! Although by the looks of it my money is on Windows Phone 8.

Like I said, thats what I figured. And Windows Phone 8 isnt designed for 7'' either. So Microsoft is missing out on the sweetspot. They need to merge Windows RT and WP8 into one OS that has an UI that adepts to various screensizes.

Funny to notice is that this picture is taken with Lumia 1020. Just see the reflection on the screen of the phablet..

Personally I would prefer a 7" Tablet with W8.1 Pro and a stylus but to each his own.... Multiple choices is always a plus....

Fritzly said,
Personally I would prefer a 7" Tablet with W8.1 Pro and a stylus but to each his own.... Multiple choices is always a plus....

I'd like a 5" phone personally, and a 8" tablet at some point just for videos and light web browsing to. I don't know about a 6" phone though.

I'll replace my cracked 920 with the first 5"+ quadcore Nokia... Hopefully it will have the same or better sensor of the Lumia 1020.

MikeInBA said,
I like tablone much better than phablet!

Tablone... Baloney.

It sounds too much like a meat, or an Italian tabloid.

I think phablet sounds fabulous.