DivX is a digital media format that puts the tools of digital expression directly into the hands of the people.DivX is helping to redefine the media experience by enabling anyone to create, share and play highly-compressed, high-quality video content.

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Yes i know the last version before this was ! but this is what DivXInstaller.exe's version said !!! So...


Albert said,
O Vista-Support, Vista-Support! Wherefore the f**k art thou Vista-Support?

i use it for encoding with DivX Author and it works fine on vista.
Although i haven't use it for decoding .divx movies with features.

What's with the version downgrade? is this official?

i am not taking the risk because divx explicitly left out vista in their system requirement list.

in the case if vista, it is especially a bad idea to install something on it if it is not explicitly supported.

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