DivX Announces Plans to Shut Down Stage6.com

DivX, Inc., a digital media company, today announced that the Company will cease operation of its Stage6.com video service on February 28, 2008.

Following an exploration of strategic options that began in July 2007, the Company has decided to cease operation of the site and focus its resources on the Company's core DivX technology licensing business while also continuing to power the distribution of DivX video content on third-party sites.

"Our core business is to work with a wide variety of partners to give consumers a high-quality digital video experience on any device or platform," said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX, Inc. "By no longer expending resources on Stage6, we sharpen our focus on creating a global standard for digital video while building a business that maximizes shareholder value. We will provide more information related the Stage6.com shutdown on our fourth quarter earnings call, scheduled for March 11, 2008."

Videos on Stage6.com will be available for viewing and download through February 28, 2008. The Company will work with certain content publishers to migrate content to alternative web distribution platforms.

Link: Stage6

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Stage6 is great when it works but 9 times out of 10 the videos get stuck on Step 3 for weeks at a time. I will miss being able to upload 720x480 at 3000Mbit. Well, that was what I uploaded anyways. That isn't the limit though. I like how you can upload what ever you want, any res, at any bitrate and they don't touch the file at all other then renaming the file and giving it a divx file extension.

And for those that don't like all the crap packed into DivX, just use Xvid. It's free and works with Stage6.

There are petitions to save stage 6. Not sure if Divx will listen especially since the email sounded like they've already made up their minds. Just google save stage 6 and you can find some places to voice your vote.

FYI, their site will probably have the slashdot effect with everyone trying to download everything before it goes down.

cant say i blame them. there is virtually no direct income from the site, it serves only as advertising for the product. however, their product is going to gain little income generating 'buzz' from a site that hosts video like a YouTube. the money is in enterprise sales, and company's who want to integrate DivX products into into their own products and/or services. if anything its been a public service, and expensive public service. lets say you had a single 42u rack at a competitive data center, thats at somewhere around ~$800 a month in real estate alone, plus power, plus bandwidth, plus an on hands team to conduct maintenance and manage, or your paying a current employee to go out there and conduct the maintenance. its expensive, with little to no return.

i just received an email from them. sad to hear that they are shutting it down.

i liked the resolutions, quality and design of their site. i upload home movies there for me to share with family and friends.

i just hope that someone pulls a site like stage6 soon.

Hopefully google will take the hint and start offering high-quality videos on wootube (I think they said a while back that they had plans for it).
But these kind of sites are like P2P sites, if one goes down then 3 more will pop up in it's place. I believe the pirate bay was working on it's own version of the site.

This is a real shame! I was just saying to my friend yesterday, that out of all the online video hosting sites out there, that Stage6 was the only one doing it right. Quality videos not only resolution wise, but also content wise. It will be missed

I'm pretty sure the real reason they are shutting it down is because of all the copyrighted content on the site. They just couldn't handle it towards the end. There was SO much stuff on there, it was nuts. Not to mention the whole hacking things recently. I just don't think it has to do with money at this point.

This i really dont get as a business practice, shut down the showcasing of your own product to save a few thousand dollars a month on web hosting etc, to focus on core business.......PAHH.
Lame excuse for not being able to make money!!!! :mad:

Yes, but it depends how much money they're actually making from their core business. There's no point throwing away money just so a few people can access some videos on the web.