Don't like the Surface design? Skin it at a Microsoft Store

The Surface, Microsoft’s first effort in the tablet market, has generally been viewed as having an extraordinary design and build quality. The Surface tablets feature a matte magnesium casing with a robust kickstand but for some folks that may not be enough.

If you are one of those people who wants their devices to have a personal look and feel to them we have good news for you. According to WinBeta, you can now choose and buy your own custom skin for the Surface tablets.

The skins are made from vinyl which can be attached to a device up to 5 times without damaging it or leaving any marks on the magnesium casing. As you can see from the image above, the skins are designed to fit perfectly with the front and the back of your device.

Such a skin will only cost you about $15 and they can be ready and applied in as little as 15 minutes but make sure you phone the store first and check because availability seems to be limited to select stores for now.

Source: WinBeta | Images via WinBeta

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The Laughing Man said,
Yea, goes great with the keyboard................

You can get a vinyl covering in a solid color that matches your keyboard.

You'd kick yourself if you dropped this amongst a herd of Zebra. Granted, the Zebra would need to be painted by Picasso or you'd need to be on acid for it to be lost.

Microsoft is just procrastinating

-User :(About Metro/Modern UI) We don't like the design of Surface.
-MS: Ok, we are a company that listen to our customers, from now we will add new designs to Surface.
-User: YAY!... oh wait a second.

says a user who never has used a surface . so ya MS only listens to only its users not trolls .
I like the the new touch interface (looks is subjective) but does more than a icon , app switching is better than any other touch OS , true multitasking , infinity better files explorer and manager than any other platform

Complaints : app selection and centralized notification
And MS is working on that

Wow idiot.

You do know that the MS Stores always had this available for people to make custom skins for their Xboxs. Now they're expanding it to Surfaces. I think it's a great idea.

While I agree this particular design is ugly, these are not stickers, they are skins. Also these were always available for Xboxs where you can actually choose designs or even make your own.... so now you can do it for Surfaces.. which is awesome for people that want to do it.

Rudy said,
What's worse than an ugly device? An ugly device with stickers on it
If you think the Surface is ugly than you really dont have good taste. The iPAd in my opinion, tho not ugly isn't very pretty. In fact it very plain and is just made with nicer material. The Surface isnt ugly but isn't pretty. Like the iPad it design was ot be minimalistic an simple. It too is plain. Neither devic eis very eye-popping in my opinion. Skins are actally better than cases. Cases add weight and bulk, skins typically do not. Skins offer for more variety and are design to fit better vs cases which are bulky.

The skin in the picture is ugly, but it is just a sample.
I think it is eye-popping compared to the original Surface look.

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