Dragon Age 2 pulled from Steam

Yet another PC game from publisher Electronic Arts has been pulled from the popular Steam download service. This time it's Dragon Age II, the fantasy RPG sequel from developer BioWare. The pull out happened on the same day that EA and BioWare released the first major DLC pack for Dragon Age II, Legacy, leading some to believe that this is yet another conflict between EA and Steam's owners Valve over how Steam handled downloadable content for games. Officially EA has yet to comment on the situation. However, it appears that people who have previously purchased Dragon Age II on Steam will still be able to access the Legacy DLC pack.

According to Destructoid, the issue may be due to the fact that the Legacy DLC pack is offered inside Dragon Age II itself via an in-game store. That might violate Steam's terms of service. While it's possible that BioWare and EA could have made a Steam-specific version of the game that stays within Steam's rules its likely that neither party wanted to take the time to make that happen. As a result Valve may have just decided to pull the game off Steam completely.

Earlier this year EA pulled Crysis 2 off of Steam. EA's David DeMartini stated that the reason was that a DLC pack for the first person shooter was made available to Direct2Drive users as a PC exclusive. It's also looking like the highly anticipated EA first person shooter Battlefield 3 might not be made available to Steam customers as well. Steam is the biggest single source for downloadable PC games with 30 million users. EA recently relaunched its own PC game downloadable store with a new brand, Origin, with plans to offer exclusive content including the only place to download a copy of the upcoming MMO Star Wars The Old Republic.

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I will continue steam only, and if i cant get it via steam ill buy it in store. Solves that problem and sticks it to EA. If a game is going to be $50 either way they make more money off the download I wont be doing.

Fair enough.

I was actually thinking of finally purchasing this game on Steam. I'm not downloading Origin, so i guess they lost a sale. Oh well.

I guess retail it is, which is also fine with me since i get the shiny box and everything. heh

*sigh* EA's continuing their tirade. I wish they'd just give up already. Steam is the biggest online PC game distributor in the world, and EA were foolish to even pull just one game off there. They'll hopefully change their tune after Battlefield 3 comes out, because I'm sure as hell not buying a digital copy unless it arrives on Steam.

I don't think it's related to in-game purchases. Plenty of other games have that (i.e.: Guild Wars) and Valve has no issues with them.