Dropbox starts offering two-step verification

A few weeks ago, the cloud-based file storage service Dropbox launched new security measures. One of the things the company promised was coming was two-step authentication and a few days ago, the company started launching this new feature via a beta test.

Users who want to participate in this test are directed to download a beta client from Dropbox for Windows, Mac and Linux versions and then go to Dropbox's beta sign up page to activate the two-factor authentication feature. After that, you can set up the extra security method via the instructions on the company's website.

Dropbox states:

Once enabled, Dropbox will require a six-digit security code in addition to your password whenever you sign in to Dropbox or link a new computer, phone, or tablet.

Adding a second step to verify an online account is getting more and more attention in the media of late, as hackers have developed ways to gain access to online accounts via phishing and social engineering techniques. A few weeks ago, a former writer for Gizmodo found that his Apple accounts got deleted by a hacker who contacted Apple tech support and used some "clever social engineering".

Microsoft currently doesn't have two-step authentication for its newly launched Outlook.com service, saying that it is trying to "find a strong solution that everyone can use."

Source: Dropbox | Image via Dropbox

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great that there is a disable option,
all this is useless sometimes, and in the end what does security matter?
some person getting some of your files? blah so what... once you keep safe and watch what your doing.

How is that pointless?? Means no one can go to dropbox and log in as you unless they have your mobile phone and no one can setup dropbox software on a computer or any other device unless they have your phone.

I love it.

I for one am all for it. Maybe a bit more difficult with more codes to remember but the enhanced security is worth it.

BGM said,
when will outlook.com offer two-step ?

SkyDrive already has 2-step so your files are safe. But yeah, it'll be great if Outlook itself will have 2-step.

Edit: Oops, apparently, 2-step is only for accessing your computer files remotely. Your SkyDrive files can still be accessed, so scratch that

Makes me very happy to see more websites starting with the 2-step process. The only issue now is keeping all the backup codes in a safe place.

Kyle said,
Makes me very happy to see more websites starting with the 2-step process. The only issue now is keeping all the backup codes in a safe place.

1Password is awesome, but there are many other apps around (some of them are even free).